Raw Kitchen 2

Raw Kitchen 1 was the short slide show.  Raw Kitchen 2 carries the descriptions. In our home kitchen, something is always soaking, sprouting, growing, fermenting, dehydrating or being created. Our Kombucha is doing well.  We brew it for 14 days and then do a second brew with added fruit combinations. The latest batch that just […]

Raw Kitchen 1

Simple Ideas for Daily Organic Liquid Refreshment

Pure water –Water with lemons, fruit, or cucumbers –Water with honey and apple cider vinegar –Water with collagen powder and moringa –Fresh pressed juices:  carrot, beet, coconut, orange, green veges, etc. –Smoothies with Superfoods:  fresh fruit, homemade nut milks, water, hemp seeds,     chia, maca, moringa, spirulina, 5-blend mushroom powder, cacao, greens –Tumeric shots and […]

Creating A Life On Purpose

What is a living wisdom lifestyle?    What is creating a life on purpose? A living wisdom lifestyle is a commitment to consciously live a life and create a life simply each and every single day out of a never-ending, loving appreciation for its presence inside, outside and around us.   A living wisdom lifestyle […]

Sharing About Us

Today, we have rewritten our About Us page and wanted to introduce our selves and our intentions. Below, is our written, introduction.  And here, in this present moment, we want to say, our journey in life has brought us here, to open this space as a way to share common interests and the artistic and […]

Super Smoothie

This morning we made a Super Smoothie packed full of nutrition.  Here are the organic super foods and local fruits we used, along with some fact and nutritional information, we found interesting. Moringa Leaf Powder.  Moringa oleifera is a species of tree native from the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India, now cultivated across Southeast Asia, […]