The Opening and Rising of the Red Hearts

A tea and conversation, letter-writing moment between friends… I’ve decided to try this style today after a wonderful conversation with a good friend. It somehow captured so much in the space between us and within our words of exploration and discovery and convictions. World Hearth for Peace and Friendship’s wordship:  Where there is genuine interest, […]

LaBelle Sophie

Today, my post will be like the collages I so enjoy creating…. I’m wanting to weave together on my blog, some of the threads of sharing my thoughts and feelings with others, from other places.  I find writing and rereading the posts over time gives a broader perspective, especially when they are in one place. […]

A Life of Practice. A Life of Creating.

To hold open space has been a disposition for me for a very, very long time….most of my life actually. When I was younger, I called it creating environments.  Opening up space and creating within it and out of it. Artistically, I called it Doctor of Environments, because I could sense so many things in […]

The Beauty of Frustration

Jenny Liz Rome, Artist Frustration is a state of being full of fusion.  It is convoluted into itself, because it arises within ourselves.  Frustration is like a pressure cooker that builds bubbles of aversion.  It simmers under pressure. There are several dictionary definitions for frustration: 1. “the thwarting of impulses or actions that prevents individuals […]

Bringing Dignity to the Ordinary

This morning I felt like Rick Mercer walking down the graffiti alley of rants. Rants, for me, are moments when things and thoughts have accumulated to a point where they come out of one’s mouth as a kind of hip hop litany. Between the verses, I said to Rod that I felt like I was […]

12 Days

I feel this new year, 2023, is going to be a big year of change. I have no idea yet, what it might be, but there are whispers in the air every now and again. I’ve always enjoyed celebrating holidays and festivals. As an artist, I’ve written plays and created large scale celebrations. Now, in […]

The Tree of Life Daily

This morning I woke up with a huge inspiration and began writing and creating. In the end, I called it The Tree of Life Daily. It just flowed and I am happy with this 5-page creative endeavour. I’ve certainly arranged a possibility for me to keep writing through this forum, but we will see if […]