As one creation ends another begins. As I unravel the wool sweaters of gardening, what’s left are the continuous threads of life ready to be woven into a new garment of warmth and wisdom . With no beginning or end, I have only one moment at a time to discover and re-discover, over and over […]

The Originality of Life

A landscape of human life appears and reveals itself in the depth and lightness of colour, offering awareness of its dimension. Beings and babies born in this space between awakening, into a new geometry of perception. Just looking. Just breathing Just noticing moment by moment. With a lifetime of situations, contemplations, dispositions, relationships, and responsibilities, […]


We live in a world of energy. Energy fills us from the sun. The wind, the full moon, exchanging words with another, nutrition, the movements of the stars, the movement of our bodies are all exchanges and experiences of some form of energy. In the world of the stars, when someone speaks about Mercury going […]

Bringing Dignity to the Ordinary

This morning I felt like Rick Mercer walking down the graffiti alley of rants. Rants, for me, are moments when things and thoughts have accumulated to a point where they come out of one’s mouth as a kind of hip hop litany. Between the verses, I said to Rod that I felt like I was […]

12 Days

I feel this new year, 2023, is going to be a big year of change. I have no idea yet, what it might be, but there are whispers in the air every now and again. I’ve always enjoyed celebrating holidays and festivals. As an artist, I’ve written plays and created large scale celebrations. Now, in […]

The Tree of Life Daily

This morning I woke up with a huge inspiration and began writing and creating. In the end, I called it The Tree of Life Daily. It just flowed and I am happy with this 5-page creative endeavour. I’ve certainly arranged a possibility for me to keep writing through this forum, but we will see if […]

A Day of Grace

I can’t begin to describe the tunnels, valleys and peaks I have walked, climbed and fell through. And yet today, grace surrounds me with a sense of being the paint stroke in a larger landscape beyond sight and human comprehension, and I am flowing, floating and walking gently on the etheric waters of living a […]