Creating A Life On Purpose

What is a living wisdom lifestyle? 

  What is creating a life on purpose?

A living wisdom lifestyle is a commitment to consciously live a life

and create a life simply each and every single day

out of a never-ending, loving appreciation

for its presence inside, outside and around us.


A living wisdom lifestyle is being aware of, moment by moment,

the inner and outer beauty

and  quintessential substances and essences of love and wisdom

that surrounds, embraces, and awakens all of us around the world.


A living wisdom lifestyle is honouring this life with purpose, on purpose,

by allowing interest, care, and devotion for the living,

to be the means by which to give back and be in true relationship with life itself,

through the breath and the heartbeat of  the universe and each other.

 A Living Wisdom Lifestyle is

1.  profoundly and simply living with nature,

2.  growing organic gardens through the seasons,

3.  tending the soil, animals, trees and every living thing on the Earth,

as well as the Earth, herself, as our world home and relations,

4.  eating a plant-based, nutrient-dense, raw (50/50, 80/20, your choice)

organic whole foods diet for our, and the Earth’s health, wellness and healing,

5.  breathing with ease and staying embodied with rhythmic and star-filled purpose,

6.  practicing mindfulness meditation & living-with-awareness each and every day,

7.  bringing beauty into the world through perception and perspective,

imagination, inspiration & intuition in each moment,

8.  holding open, from the inside out,

our new light-filled, simple living homes, hearths and sanctuaries,

offering beautiful inner and outer environments

for individuals, children and families to be and become whole,

9.  taking our seats in this worldwide circle of life consciously,

as new world hearths of culture uphold and unfold peace,

friendship and happiness as a choice of daily living together on this planet,

through the art of accompaniment and genuine interest in each other

10.  practicing quiet and the question, and,

11.  radiating love, kindness and compassion into each and every day freely……..

The definition of purpose is the reason for which something exists.

Our existence alone is reason to be.

Yet we share this planet with many other human beings existing

and how we live together matters deeply.

It seems to be the time for each one of us to awaken to the questions of our time.

What is real?  What is life?

Who am I?   How can I care for this life?

How am I contributing to the well-being of this world home,

world hearth, and world community of humanity?

What life am I creating each day?  Does it grow a life or take one away?

Do I consider life as a gift and how can I give back to this gift, this presence of life?

   What is a Living Wisdom Lifestyle? 

It is a conscious choice and way of living

that honours, respects, and nutures all aspects of  life and the living

giving rise and reason to awaken to what really matters to each one of us.

Knowing we are one drop in the great ocean of existence,

is to be aware that we each matter, belong, and create that ocean’s existence

by who we are and how much we create, care and contribute on purpose.


It is a choreography of intentions each and every day

flowing with mindfulness and gratitude practices,

heartfelt commitments, and ways of being kind, compassionate and loving,

to ourselves, our children, our families, our friends and other fellow human beings.

while maintaining a vibrant human life full of happiness, genuine interest, and creativity.


It is a simple and vibrant way of being holistically,

sustainably and beautifully present  in our lives, and on this planet, as a human being with others,

peacefully, wisely, genuinely, compassionately with so much authentic loveliness and possibilities.


It is a way of breathing one breath at a time, unfolding one day at a time,

touching one life, one moment at a time….. forever,

because every human life and every living thing and the whole living Earth 

matters enough to need our undivided conscientious attention and full awareness

for the sake of the individual’s place in the whole, as well as the health of the whole.

And the questions continue:

how can we save this life on Earth?

how can we care for this life inside each one of us?

how can we cultivate a new culture of peace together worldwide,

with the purpose of changing the beating drums of war and destruction,

accumulation and domination,

into gardens of children playing safely together,

families growing foods together,

simply living with new choices that change clean to green and fear to happiness

one person, one heart, one soul, one spirit,

one baby, child, person, plant, animal, mineral, tree… every living thing at a time.

The imprint in my soul and inner disposition is to hold open this space for living wisdom, radiating love, genuine interest, growing gardens together, dancing under the stars, meditating with the rising sun, asking questions of care regardless of time,  and places and spaces to live and grow. A space held open where we can care together, share solutions, creating one more variation of the sense of belonging together on Earth. Each time wondering how to reach another and another and more and more so we can unite in common interest to overcome disinterest, disrespect, power, apathy and the human cries for help.

I’m stricken by the pain of senseless deaths, destroying of the oceans and forests, chemicals streaming into the air and seeping into the Earth’s soils.  It is time for the money and power to take the back seats. And everyday people to arise.

The stage is set for those who want to play a part in this newly arising soul culture of peace, not only by stopping what takes away, but also by strengthening the tilling of the soils of hearts and souls, so new seeds can be planted again and now, new seeds of intention to think about each and every choice we make.

Imagine if all of us planted one new seed of intention each day…imagine how many flowers would blossom around the world where war torn, starvation and poverty take life away.  How do we stop the deadening? By changing our priorities and  planting continuous new seeds of good and pure intention to grow sweetness and strength.  We can’t change greed, but we can change ourselves and we can garden a new world culture of peace into being, together one commitment at a time.

And here’s the truth, we only have so much time together to live this life on purpose–a purpose with real reasons.  So I and we begin, or really for us, continue with one more voice, one more new seed planted, but not in vain.  Only staying true to love.  Staying true to living wisdom and kindness in order to tend the visible and the invisible, and that which is not seen by the human eyes but just as valuable.  So tending and loving and carrying on we must, no matter what.  Planting visible and invisible gardens of peace must continue, for they all contribute to the infinite world of possibilities, to the living streams of life and to the quintessential energy of love.  Regardless of how many days we have to live our lives on purpose for real reasons, each one matters.  Each person, each plant and flower and animal, all of life and the living, the whole world of human beings, simply and deeply matter.  We have the resources, we have the time, we have everything we need to help one another, we just need to say it’s time. And, no matter the year or epoch or era, it’s always time to be there for each other and for this beautiful life.

I love to imagine its all for love. But I’ve come to midwife and expand the mosaic to include so much more.  I know it all so deeply matters because we are all called, whether we hear it or not, daily to be part of this large magnanimous birthing process of new breaths, new babies, new imaginations, new sprouting seeds, new friendships, new thoughts, new everything that sprouts to life or continues to live.

It’s time to clear the desks, clear the minds, prepare the hearts to garden, to sing, to care, to think deeply, plan and organize, and, to be simply beautiful, human, and conscious.  Everything we do matters.  Each moment matters. And the beauty is we have so many breaths in a day to try.  So many steps in a day to dance.  So many moments in a day to care and share, and matter and make a difference to one person smiling or touching their hand, by seeing and looking, by noticing and participating, helping, in all the simply complex, yet simple human moments of need and celebration.

We are the salt and dust of the Earth, and, we are the sparkling of the sun, the moon and the stars.   Life is time and timeless, finite and infinite.  We have the “right” to live our lives for ourselves, but ready or not, we are all part of this pulsing Earth and  gorgeous universe and this gift of life given to us, needs our attention now more than ever.  And my soul’s song each morning sings, it’s time again, to notice right here, right now; to awaken to what’s happening around us; to remember history, and to willingly be present to midwive, care, nuture, know, love, and sustain, this never-ending newly born, incoming beautiful life.  It’s simply time.


Jill LaBelle Sophie

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  1. Ferryl Casselman says: Reply

    Jill so true! I often think of this but you have put it so eloquently as you usually do. What a wonderful world it would be! Why can’t it be?

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