It’s A Beautiful Day

I find that hearts love to share.  Minds love to converse.

And human beings love to feel part of life together.

Well our hearts and minds and humanness do, too.

So here we are; simply sharing, conversing, and feeling what is of interest to us, with you,

alongside feeling part of this big, beautiful world together.

It’s time to say a few things about the common interests we’ve chosen to explore,

as a beginning page in this common book of life, as an opening of this space and place,

we’d like to create together in a broader sense and brush stroke.

The simple hope of writing is to imagine

and live out of a new world culture of beauty, peacefulness and love,

which we’ve chosen to live out of each and every day of our shared 36 years together,

but place it in service and devotion to the reality

that such a culture is possible and being born now

one person, one family, one community, one simple intention at a time,

in this present moment.

It no longer makes sense to just wish or hope for a change.

For us, the time is now, here in this moment,

that we can enter in and live that peace, radiate that love and devote our lives to:


HOME, HEARTH & SANCTUARY.   Creating home, hearths and sanctuaries for our children and their children, and the children of the world together.


IN THE GARDEN.  Growing organic gardens to feed ourselves, our souls, our spirits, and that of others with the living qualities of raw, plant-based, nutrient dense whole foods, fruits and vegetables.


ALL OF NATURE.  Recognizing all of nature as a living reality, needing us to care today and tomorrow for its world-wide, health and well being.


CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION, INSPIRATION & INTUITION.  Freely creating out of our imaginations, inspirations and intuitions new ways to support this beautiful life of simplicity and complexity for all human beings and living beings on our planet.


LOVING ENERGY.  Perceiving that which is within us, greater than us, surrounding us and filling us with amazing beauty, as an energy that gives, creates, births, grows and nurtures life.


CREATIVITY & LOVING ENERGY.  Honouring the arts of the heart and the blossoming fields and meadows of the stars, as they are seen, heard and expressed differently in each one of us.


EMBODIED MOVEMENT.  Moving our embodied selves through space and time, aware of the vastness of existence in order to responsibly and respectfully care for this life, consciously breathe it in and out of the places we dwell, allowing the fullness of daily life’s expression to live in profound and authentic happiness.


MINDFUL LIVING AND MEDITATION. Bringing our mind to meditate upon this profundity. Living with the awareness that life can be calm yet vitally, optimally, substantially and essentially alive.


ON THE ROAD. HOME, HEARTH & SANCTUARY. CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION, INSPIRATION & INTUITION. LOVING ENERGY.  Opening our hearts and souls from the inside out, on the road of multi-cultures, allowing for a new world coliseum of culture to unfold that recognizes:

–creating places to dwell is to be at home, and at peace, on the Earth together.

–opening environments creatively renewing fires in the hearth is to welcome thriving, compassionate, loving & kind  relationships out of genuine interest.

–welcoming simple silence and an awakened, living wisdom is to open new sanctuaries of love, peace & freedom honouring the integrity & dignity of what it means to be universally human, inwardly and outwardly.

–allowing a pureness of loving to radiate into the world.


WORLD HEARTH FOR PEACE & FRIENDSHIP.  Loving the earth as a common home, hearth and sanctuary for all human beings, allows a common World Hearth to feed the fires of belonging, ignite world friendships while unfolding a new way of being present in daily life through the cultivation of a new world-wide culture of peace, one home, one person, one family, one friendship at a time.


All of Nature.   World Hearth for Peace and Friendship.   Embodied Movement.   Creativity, Imagination, Inspiration & Intuition.  Loving Energy.  Home, Hearth & Sanctuary.  In the Garden.  Mindful Living and Meditation.  On The Road.  And Raw, Plant-Based, Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods are only the first 10 of many, many more common interests filled with common purpose to be discovered, but we thought we’d start here, out of our humble hearts and souls, our open minds and spirits, our evolving human being-ness and from our experience.

From our created inner and outer home, hearth and sanctuary to yours.

It’s a beautiful day.

Jill LaBelle Sophie


Welcoming your thoughts....

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