About Me

I am Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie who thinks in pictures,

delights in all the ways life unfolds, like a rose,

and ardently pursues the perceptions, experiences

and understandings of this shared life

through the imagination, inspiration and intuition of writing,

respecting and being humbled in the process of doing so,

committed to bringing and upholding dignity in daily life.

I live with questions, create practices, kneel before beauty, open environments out of which to live and birth love into the world, and dwell in true nature with a vow to be more loving, more humanly aware, and evermore kind, giving, and compassionate in the majesty of it all….this life, this gift of breathing, being and becoming.

Inwardly, I seek, outwardly. I strive to become evermore awake to the larger picture of sharing this life with others appropriately and respectfully, through holding open space for new learning as we all live and share this one life together.

I have committed my life to the art of accompaniment, thereby placing myself within this circle of life I share with everyone else, with a devoted willingness to share, discover and experience the light and warmth of love and living wisdom as it appears to each one of us.

Always asking:

Is it real?  Is it true?  Is it beautiful?
What is right relationship?
Is anything being asked for or needed? How can I help?

What can I bring to the round table of encounter, conversation, genuine interest, and inter-connectedness?

My blog is to share my explorations, pictures, perceptions,

and discoveries, not as an expert,

but as an artistically sensitive

and caring poetic human being

living this shared life consciously,

in each and every

present and majestic moment,

striving to bring dignity to the ordinary.