Hi there, I’m Jill LaBelle Sophie 

quiet writer, designer from the inside out,

birther of life & gardener of the living

and I’m passionate about creating, designing

and living our lives on purpose, in the present moment,

with awareness– together.

Welcome to this place and space called Living Wisdom

What is Living Wisdom?

For me, it is the presence of our imagination, from the inside out, unfolding who we are,

it is our inspiration compelling us to birth and sing the songs of our souls

and it is the intuitions of our hearts when we are still and listening,

flowing into the vastness of awareness of the clear blue sky,

honouring the warmth of the sun and the light of the stars,

touching the depths of the living soil, and every single cell in our bodies.

For me, when we share and care, converse and befriend.

unfold and blossom within this living wisdom,

nature’s living wisdom,

life’s living wisdom all around us

begins to have a pulse, a heartbeat, within us.

It has a warmth and a creativity

an energy, an uplifting force,

that has the strength, perception, and wisdom to

help us birth our lives with passion and creativity,

with kindness and compassion for every living thing.

It is a living wisdom that compels us

to accompany one another in friendship of genuine interest.

This living impulse to share, to write, to dream

and to imagine is just one of many living seeds we can plant and tend to

inspiring us to not only create our own new daily culture and life of purpose,

but it also allows us to participate in the unfolding of

a new world culture of peace, beauty, love, happiness,

kindness, compassion,  living wisdom, and friendship

one flower at a time, one expression of living wisdom at a time,

one created life at a time….together.

Imagine unfolding a lifestyle from the inside out of choice each and every day.

All it takes is a little imagination, a lot of inspiration and a vibrant intuition.

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