Simple Ideas for Daily Organic Liquid Refreshment

Pure water

–Water with lemons, fruit, or cucumbers

–Water with honey and apple cider vinegar

–Water with collagen powder and moringa

–Fresh pressed juices:  carrot, beet, coconut, orange, green veges, etc.

–Smoothies with Superfoods:  fresh fruit, homemade nut milks, water, hemp seeds,

    chia, maca, moringa, spirulina, 5-blend mushroom powder, cacao, greens

–Tumeric shots and tea (anti-inflammatory)

–Matcha lattes and tea, cold or hot, (L-Theanine boost)

–Herbal teas

–Homemade nut milks:  almond, brazil nut, hemp with cinnamon, nutmeg & dates

–Wheatgrass shots

–Fermented drinks:  rejuvelac, kombucha, water kefir


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