Raw Kitchen 2

Raw Kitchen 1 was the short slide show. 

Raw Kitchen 2 carries the descriptions.

In our home kitchen, something is always soaking, sprouting,

growing, fermenting, dehydrating or being created.

Our Kombucha is doing well. 

We brew it for 14 days and then do a second brew

with added fruit combinations.

The latest batch that just finished was

Raspberry Ginger and Apple Cinnamon.

We also love blueberry, mango and just about any fruity combination.

Ginger works well with any combination.

I’m going to give a couple of articles with links for you to enjoy

exploring why Kombucha is so good for you!




We love growing sprouts, microgreens and wheatgrass inside our raw kitchen.

It’s so easy, fresh and nutritious!

Take a wide mouth Ball jar and scoop into it 2 tablespoons of organic raw seed.

Cover with a nylon screen and secured with a rubber band to hold it in place.

I love mixes of organic sprouting seeds.

I also start singular seeds:  alfalfa, mung, lentil, and broccoli.

Soak them overnight.  Next morning give them a good cleansing rinse

and turn them upside down to drain.

(see picture of our homemade sprouting setup

in our summer kitchen in Raw Kitchen 1 slideshow).

Rinse them twice a day, but be observant to determine

if only one rinse might be enough.

I find that the sprouts are happy when not overwatered.

It will only take a few days and while they are growing,

you can start your next batch for a continuous supply

of fresh sprouts for your daily salad.

I also love to grow pea and sunflower shoots!

I soak a cup or two of the organic raw seeds, sprout them for two or so days,

and then place then in small soil-based growing tray.

I keep them moist, but not wet.

It is such a delight to cut long-stemmed,

fresh micro-greens to add to the nightly salad.

The last thing we love to grow is wheatgrass.

Google wheatgrass and you will find an enormous amount of information

about it’s benefits from juicing it into wheatgrass shots and more.

I created a chart describing how we grow ours.  Enjoy!


Day 1
Soak 2 cups of wheat berries

Day 2
Rinse and Sprout (2 days)

Day 3
Rinse and Sprout

Day 4
Plant 3 Trays & Cover Seeds (2 days)

Day 5
Covered Seeds

Day 6
Growing Grass (6 days)

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12
Juicing (4 days)

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16


Besides juicing wheatgrass, we also love carrot and beet juice.

The pulp is used to make crackers, pizza shells

and different breads after the juice is enjoyed.

I’ll post recipes in another post.

That’s the update from our Living Wisdom Raw Kitchen!

Welcoming your thoughts....

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