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Today, we have rewritten our About Us page and wanted to introduce our selves and our intentions.

Below, is our written, introduction.  And here, in this present moment, we want to say, our journey in life has brought us here, to open this space as a way to share common interests and the artistic and whimsical ways of our days.  Why?  To participate in our times, from our humble lives into the larger shared life on Earth, and contribute to the up building of new values and the shifting of  consciousness of a growing population that wants peace, friendship and a sense of happiness in our days.  And in that reality, we would like to know that we are continuously trying to contribute, one day at a time, to changing war into peaceful living.  Greed into the simplicity of sharing moments, resources and insights as a means of re-creating a new world culture and reality. A reality that honours each other’s homes, hearths and sanctuaries, inwardly and outwardly, wherever they may be.  A reality that honours the living Earth and her nature, grows gardens out of respect, and chooses foods and nutrition that doesn’t hurt anything that is living.

Our intention is to just stay present, hold open this space inside of ourselves and outwardly in all of its diverse manifestations, and stay present in our own growth and the growth of the world; stay present to our own hearth fires and those of a world hearth, world soul full of love, peace, beauty, friendship and living wisdom.

About Us

We are two simple human beings pursuing understanding of that which is greater than us, respecting and being humbled in the process of doing so, committed to upholding dignity in daily life.

We live with questions, create practices, kneel before beauty, open environments out of which to live, and live into nature out of which to grow more loving, more humanly aware, and evermore humble in the majesty of it all….this life, this gift of breathing and being and becoming.

Inwardly we seek, outwardly we strive to become evermore awake to the larger picture of sharing this life with others appropriately, through holding open space for that which we are learning to perceive.

We have committed our lives to the art of accompaniment, thereby placing ourselves within this circle of life as ourselves, with a willingness to share, discover and experience the light and warmth of love and living wisdom as it appears to us.

Always asking:

Is it real?
What is right relationship?
Is anything being asked for?
If so, what can we bring to the round table of encounter, conversation and inter-connectedness?

Our blog is to share our explorations and discoveries, not as experts, but as two simple human beings pursuing understanding of that which is greater than us, striving to bring dignity to the ordinary.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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