The Living White Dove of Peace

Peace is a fresh and quiet breeze that has no sound. It is the inside of suffering when the struggle free falls with arms outstretched knowing neither above nor below, only the infinite moment of silence and timelessness. Peace is the willingness to hold open this space and place where the presence, fragrance and grace […]

The Opening and Rising of the Red Hearts

A tea and conversation, letter-writing moment between friends… I’ve decided to try this style today after a wonderful conversation with a good friend. It somehow captured so much in the space between us and within our words of exploration and discovery and convictions. World Hearth for Peace and Friendship’s wordship:  Where there is genuine interest, […]

The Tree of Life Daily

This morning I woke up with a huge inspiration and began writing and creating. In the end, I called it The Tree of Life Daily. It just flowed and I am happy with this 5-page creative endeavour. I’ve certainly arranged a possibility for me to keep writing through this forum, but we will see if […]

Empty, Silent and Willing

When something goes on this long, thinking everything through or flying on happy thoughts, sometimes just doesn’t sustain the situation.  We all have coping mechanisms, but I think that coping with covid is a deeper reach. We are all definitely being asked to take our seats, settle in, and find an inner disposition of strength […]

The World’s Flower Gardens

I wrote my first poem when I was 19. It was my first experience with feeling and experiencing a perspective and perception deeply and then searching for words which best described it. It fascinated me.  It was as if there was a garden full of flowers, and I had to walk through it finding the […]

This Big Beautiful Life

I know what it’s like to have trauma in one’s life.  I understand when extreme situations bring us to our knees or begin to take away the lightness in our steps.   I understand duration of uncertainty and rugs being pulled out from beneath our feet, when all that’s left is the air we breathe.  […]