It’s A Beautiful Day

I find that hearts love to share.  Minds love to converse. And human beings love to feel part of life together. Well our hearts and minds and humanness do, too. So here we are; simply sharing, conversing, and feeling what is of interest to us, with you, alongside feeling part of this big, beautiful world […]

Sharing About Us

Today, we have rewritten our About Us page and wanted to introduce our selves and our intentions. Below, is our written, introduction.  And here, in this present moment, we want to say, our journey in life has brought us here, to open this space as a way to share common interests and the artistic and […]

Bird Flights, Sights & Sittings

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Early Morning Watercolours

The Setting Sun & The Full Blue Moon

Super Smoothie

This morning we made a Super Smoothie packed full of nutrition.  Here are the organic super foods and local fruits we used, along with some fact and nutritional information, we found interesting. Moringa Leaf Powder.  Moringa oleifera is a species of tree native from the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India, now cultivated across Southeast Asia, […]

Saturday Afternoon Stroll

I love to stroll with my camera.  Photo shoots are determined subjects or areas of interest like the Bicicleta Gallery.  Strolls are all about what catches my eye.  The colour is so rich here and I enjoy textures, design, architecture, beaches, skies, and people….you get the point.  I love everything and each stroll calls my […]