The Beauty of Life

  the past two years have been very difficult and challengingfor all the reasons and circumstances that appeared before my heart, i feel everything my soul, i search and see pictures of unfolding my mind, i sit watchingall the parts of me striving and struggling,happy and sad,despairing and delighting.sometimes in quietother times […]

A Day of Grace

I can’t begin to describe the tunnels, valleys and peaks I have walked, climbed and fell through. And yet today, grace surrounds me with a sense of being the paint stroke in a larger landscape beyond sight and human comprehension, and I am flowing, floating and walking gently on the etheric waters of living a […]

This Life To Live

We arrive into a world full of people, with eyes wide open. Nearly 10 months of immersion in a world of water and fluidity, we are created out of the warmth and fusionof cells, DNAs, and human connections. So when does life begin? And does it ever end? A universe full of living particles & […]

Smiling From The Heart

It is curious to smile.Our lips can stay pressed, lift at the corners,or open our lips, revealing our teeth,and allowing an energy to pour outtouching everyone around. A smile crinkles the eyes.It expresses joy and warmthfrom the inside out.It is a gift to others,saying hello, how are youor what a delight to see you. Smiles […]

Stories You Carry Within

  My shoulders are an area of my body that carry stress. It runs from shoulder to shoulder, neck to shoulder blades. Interesting….blades, like a knive or blades of grass, hard or soft, sharp or subtle.   A place on the body that can open up as you reach your arm up behind you.  Blades […]

Under the Spell, A Letter to a Friend

hello marybeth, just reaching out to say hi and how are you? i, my friend, have fallen under the spell of feeling like a bird in a cage. i understand the full spectrum of human emotions. i understand the hows and never the whys. although i’ve got a full tool belt of practices and ways […]