The Power of Trespassing

  Experiences in life are never one dimensional. They are complex and multi-layered. They can seem simple, yet behind simplicity lies a network of understandings and misunderstandings. We were accosted on a street we frequent, buying a few supplies. Two women tried to bar us from leaving a store, appearing out of nowhere, physically grabbing […]

Bringing Dignity to the Ordinary

This morning I felt like Rick Mercer walking down the graffiti alley of rants. Rants, for me, are moments when things and thoughts have accumulated to a point where they come out of one’s mouth as a kind of hip hop litany. Between the verses, I said to Rod that I felt like I was […]

12 Days

I feel this new year, 2023, is going to be a big year of change. I have no idea yet, what it might be, but there are whispers in the air every now and again. I’ve always enjoyed celebrating holidays and festivals. As an artist, I’ve written plays and created large scale celebrations. Now, in […]

The Art of Sensitivity

I found it interesting when researching the definition of sensitivity, that many of the perspectives given were from a negative point of view; like easily hurt, weak, or offended. When I got to other definitive words further down, it was perfect: the quality of being sensitive is the capacity of a sense organism to respond […]

The Orchestrations of Life

It was interesting for me, this morning. to experience words as carriers of breath so when spoken, they sounded like intonations coming through different kinds of instruments, offering different varieties of perceptions and awareness. When the formation of breath is concentrated, there are so many ways it can be written into the form of letters […]

The Tree of Life Daily

This morning I woke up with a huge inspiration and began writing and creating. In the end, I called it The Tree of Life Daily. It just flowed and I am happy with this 5-page creative endeavour. I’ve certainly arranged a possibility for me to keep writing through this forum, but we will see if […]

To Bear A Moment

This morning as I was writing, this phrase “to bear a moment” caught my attention. It asked of me to stop and sit with it. So I have and opened up the space to experience it. To bear means to support, uphold, carry the weight of, take responsibility for. It can also mean to stand […]