My heart is so full of love today.
How can I ever describe
the beauty of this held open space of the human heart
that beholds and illuminates the spaces and places,
the indescribable realms of infinity called the soul,
by a word, a naming
or is it the beauty of the whole universe
sparkling and shining in the emptiness of space.
Inwardly reflected within,
as a place of dwelling, creatively renewing love
over and over again.
My deepest wish, to hold open this space,
to share with others who wish to sit, create and discover
the interiors of the incarnated hearts and souls
safely, freely,
upholding the dignity of existence so love can truly be born
over and over and over again
in this world full of infinite possibilities.
Each of us bearing a guiding star
so together we can create the presence of our diverse cosmos
through our willingness to shine together
within the constellations of combustion and choreography,
while breathing in and out this substance and essence of life
we all share.
I cannot help but kneel before this majestic reality
of grace and poetry and reality.
I have made a vow to all of it
this love and beauty, this living life full of wisdom,
peace and joy, the mindful spirit and the pure heart of soulfulness.
Here ‘s to the seasons of being, birthing and becoming whole,
earnest, heartfelt, loving human beings of illumination
Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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