The Living White Dove of Peace

Peace is
a fresh and quiet breeze
that has no sound.
It is the inside of suffering
when the struggle free falls
with arms outstretched
knowing neither above nor below,
only the infinite moment of silence
and timelessness.

Peace is
the willingness
to hold open this space and place
where the presence,
fragrance and grace
of inner beauty unfolds.

It is
the morning dew
lying upon the petals of
expansion and contraction
in the soul
bearing a jewel of dignity,
reflecting the eternal morning
on Earth.
It lives in the songs and the calls
of the birds at dawn.
It lives in the breath of life.

Love is
a wardrobe of many colours and hues,
composed of etheric dimensions,
bearing cosmic proportions
and ocean-deep mysteries.
It is discovered
within the gaze of wonder
and the presence of another.
It has its conception,
context and inner environments
in the openness
of the human heart and soul.
It is the source of life.
It is the beginning
of that which is created.
It is vast.
It is full of hidden substance,
unseen landscapes, and dwellings of dignity
prepared to be taken in
and entered selflessly
in communion with the living.
It is the seed which
begins the story of life.

Living wisdom is
the presence
of the light and warmth of peace
merging within our uprightness,
uniting the unseen wings
and womb of worlds
within the circle
and tree of life.
Where human arms
of genuine interest
awareness and love
to live kindly.

Living wisdom is
the heartbeat of the world
blossoming into red roses
accompanying the evolution
of humanity’s consciousness
and choices to live wisely.
It is the confidence of truth and the courage of love
woven into a way of being generous.

For the light of truth found in wisdom, is discovered,
The light of truth found in love, is created,
And the light of truth found in peace is lived.

Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie


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