LaBelle Sophie

Today, my post will be like the collages I so enjoy creating….

I’m wanting to weave together on my blog, some of the threads of sharing my thoughts and feelings with others, from other places.  I find writing and rereading the posts over time gives a broader perspective, especially when they are in one place.

Also, I’m trying to write on my blog and not directly on facebook, but have not fully managed that yet.

First piece of this post’s collage is something I wrote a day ago, and now I’ve decided to make a second post, for the second piece.  And so I begin:

At this time of year, this year, I am finding my way and perspective from a new point of view.

My heart has few filters, and it is essential to rise above or just sit with what plays itself out in this world, through anger.

It is important for me to take a breath, spread my awareness, and, in this moment, move quietly in silence with my heart of wisdom…

First weeping for the tremendous loss of life and dignity of speech and being.

Then with my sisters of sophia–imagination, inspiration and intuition–focusing on the task of renewing, birthing, and creating new life, daily life, human life, worldwide, out of love.

It is the living wisdom that arises out of human hearts and world souls.

It is the labelle sophie that will save us….that beauty-filled wisdom that needs a voice in our world.

May it rise and radiate.


Christian Schloe, Visual Artist

Welcoming your thoughts....

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