A Life of Practice. A Life of Creating.

To hold open space has been a disposition for me for a very, very long time….most of my life actually.

When I was younger, I called it creating environments.  Opening up space and creating within it and out of it.

Artistically, I called it Doctor of Environments, because I could sense so many things in spaces and places.  From physically moving things around in a space in order to find the point of balance, to clearing out the emotional clutter and staleness.  It was innately in me, to create environments I called homes of inner beauty, hearths of vibrant relationships and creative renewal and sanctuaries of love made conscious and living wisdom.

As life moved forward, through the cycles of time, I learned to just separate it, in some ways to holding open space and being a designer of interior spaces.

Today in meditation, a beautiful thing happened….I realized I could turn my holding open space into a practice for my heart and soul.  I could meditate and practice all the levels for that and I could sit each day and also hold open that big, wide empty space out of which everything is born into existence and reunite the heart and soul with the mind and spirit.

A life of practice is to stay true,  just sit, and choose every day to be present on behalf of world peace, true beings, the space of emptiness and living wisdom.

A life of creating is to stay true to holding open the space where life is born over and over again.  It is a space of nurturing life in all spheres and all ways.  It is the portal where there is nothing of a literal sense, yet everything in the presence and formlessness of love, light, peace, beauty and living wisdom.

And to sit mindfully to become aware, to be present, to awaken the noble heart of kindness and compassion while holding open the vastness of the creative heart and soul that has the capacity to welcome new life is a union that erases duality.

To practice overcoming suffering on behalf of all beings, and holding open the clear, flowing empty spaces and places of the heart and soul is to allow a true birthing of life that is embued with the essence, the substance and the colours of light, love, beauty, peace and living wisdom.

To hold open the space to sit and create together.

To be and birth our true selves simply consists of life itself, with no signature, only vibrancy.

And when the symphony of sounds correspond with the oneness of the universe.  When the stars and sun light up within us, there will be peace.

For now we make vows and intentions, to practice to awaken and to create to allow the space held open to birth new life, with each new day.

There are so many lovely rays of light radiating out from this….noticing how we speak, how we live together, how we sit and practice loving kindness, how we tend to this gift of life that is inside us and all around us.  Above and below, on the right and left, in you and me and the universe as a stream of consciousness, a stream of lights and compassion when we recognize that we are all in this beautiful present moment together.

To be and become.

To hold open a space and birth and create a life.

Each and every day.

Welcomes a new world culture of peace and friendship to unfold.

It’s a beautiful life xo

Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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