Writing a Moment, Creating a Scene

Why write? Why try to find the invisible words, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions?

Why spend hours searching for ways to express that which you see in moments and landscapes

unseen by the human eye?

Why bring forward a piece of art, movement of the artistic, finely tuned creative processes?

Of what value is it to search the world over for textures and colours

mitigating the interiors of perception?

As writer and artist, these are the questions.

Gazing through the open door of infinite possibilities, the reason to accompany the unseen into vision,

and the unformed into form is to become aware of what it feels like to brush up against

moving particles of substance

and the energetic essences of light that are constantly swirling around us.


In order to experience ourselves more fully, integrated and centred

in the inner and outer worlds of existence.

To be in relationship to this middle point, I like to call the wellspring of Living Wisdom,

is to be in relationship with

our hearts and minds and bodies as a whole,

the seen and unseen, the inner environments of life and the outer presence of life.

Practicing how to express this wholeness of being human offers awakening into the vastness of being.

It also offers a multitude of ways to share this quintessential-ness with others.

Dipping into timelessness and displaying it to share openly with others, fosters inquiry.

The art of accompaniment, by nature, opens possibilities to feel

the flowing etheric waters and the breaths of life, while perceiving waves of new impulses,

as they are embodied and brought into the present moment

through a continuous expression of creative renewal.

To brush up against this invisible infinity and bring it into being is vital,

but to share it with others and feel them experience something of its presence

through arduous search, discovery, and practice,

is to find one’s signature in life and a voice in the art of conversation with the many.

Whether we see something in front of our eyes and search for insightful words,

or hear intuitive words that inspire a painting,

whether we feel something swirling within and around us beckoning our attention to lift the veil,

writing a moment, creating a scene, and living a life out of the wellspring of an integrated living wisdom

allows our wings to spread into the larger realities and experiences of being human

allows our feet to walk gently upon the Earth aware of the presence and vibrancy of life and the living

and allows us to create an embodied life full of awe, wonder, beauty and loveliness.

To beauty in existing.

Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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