To Bear A Moment

This morning as I was writing, this phrase “to bear a moment” caught my attention. It asked of me to stop and sit with it. So I have and opened up the space to experience it.

To bear means to support, uphold, carry the weight of, take responsibility for.

It can also mean to stand up to and accept. To bear the pain, to bear the responsibility, to bear the weight.

It can offer us the opportunity to manage and tolerate the burden of something.

To bear a surname or signature can mean to carry a mark or symbol.

I loved it in relationship to bearing children…giving birth to them, giving life. Or a tree bears fruit….

To turn or proceed in a particular direction is to bear left or right.

To veer, curve, generate, provide, deliver, behave, show, present, set forth, tolerate, put up with, endure, sustain, shoulder, hold up, bring forward, and carry, all each in their own way, speaks to bearing a moment, whatever it may be, whatever it is that we need or want to or find ourselves bearing.

To bear a moment feels regal and royal and noble to me. It feels in the middle of having to do something or choosing not to do something. It is the art of bearing our life just as it is.

I love finding the arts of being human.

I especially love the arts of imperfection and the art of vulnerability.

As an artist, I love the fluidity of discovery and have decided to call this exercise the art of expressing what it feels like to be noble, to be kind, to be purely intentional.

I am in delight knowing this quest of writing has begun in a new way.

I am taking a year-long writing course and I have an assignment once a week.

That is the fuel by which I shall drive my heart each day to enter into the art of expressing life’s conundrums, mysteries, delights and hallelujahs. I am a life-long learner and autumn and winter are the perfect times to contemplate these things. And although I will be guided by questions, wisdom and encouragement in my course, I will muse each day when I sit alone to write out of the experience and perception of this one little life alongside all the other little lives in this big, wide world.

I shall grin and bear it with glee.

Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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