The Tree of Life Daily

This morning I woke up with a huge inspiration and began writing and creating. In the end, I called it The Tree of Life Daily. It just flowed and I am happy with this 5-page creative endeavour.

I’ve certainly arranged a possibility for me to keep writing through this forum, but we will see if it was a newsletter or turns into a newspaper. lol.

Enjoy, if it speaks to you xo

2 Replies to “The Tree of Life Daily”

  1. Hi there! Unfortunately, the print is too small for me to read without getting up very close to the monitor…and even then, it’s very taxing for my old eyes…any way you could make it bigger? Looking forward…xoxoxo R

    1. hello ramona, because i didn’t use a template, to increase sizes, would push everything out of alignment. i could suggest that when you open the post, you press your command button and then hit the + sign button as many times as it takes to make it bigger. i tried it, and it works beautifully. you can make it as big as you need. the exercise i gave myself with this post and layout was finding a way to address the realms of relationships…to each other, to issues, to life. it was fun to just sit and pull things together orchestrating words and pictures as a way to express ideas. it’s nice you want to read it. let me know if this works for you. hope you’re well. rod and i enjoy doing puzzles as a mindfulness moment. some of the details are hard to see, so now we have a perfect magnifying glass to see the connections. it’s fun.xoxoxox

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