This Life To Live

We arrive
into a world full of people,
with eyes wide open.

Nearly 10 months of immersion
in a world of water and fluidity,
we are created
out of the warmth and fusion
of cells, DNAs, and human connections.

So when does life begin? And does it ever end?

A universe full of living particles & moving energy
uniting and obstructing, merging and exploding
within a human body.
The big bang theory repeated
over and over to create new universes
within a single human being
growing a body.

The thought that life begins
upon conception limits the space
and place where life lives.

We have forms and dimensions.
We have a clear silhouettes
and profiles outlining our existence.
Yet we cannot keep our colours
within the lines.

We are the universe
in whatever state
and stage of being we are.

When we live in the stars or darkness,
when we embody or expire,
when we lift
into the vast awareness of existence
or cry as a baby,
we are a wisp of light,
a breath of air
a presence in the cosmos
of changing landscapes and waves.

To be born from the wind and rain
out of the womb of worlds,
carrying a dna strand of stars
into a moment’s repose,
is to be and become
another version of our selves.

It is a moment when what was one dimension
turns into two with water
and three with breath.

Within the environments of the place called me,
I live.

Placed within a space ,held open for my presence,
is my life.

The swirling and pulsing universe
my origins and ancestors.

The Earth my home.
Humanity my family.

And me, and you, a single cell
joining a magnificent creation of beauty
each and every day,
have this life to live.

written by Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie
painting by Jillian

Welcoming your thoughts....

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