A Day of Grace

I can’t begin to describe the tunnels, valleys and peaks I have walked, climbed and fell through. And yet today, grace surrounds me with a sense of being the paint stroke in a larger landscape beyond sight and human comprehension, and I am flowing, floating and walking gently on the etheric waters of living a human life full of despair and grace, trauma and peacefulness. A page, like a waterfall of movement, is being turned and a new chapter of life beginning, uniting in memory, reality and beauty all that went before in this story of life on Earth. Each moment having its own signature from quiet to full, pain to sorrow, joy to loving, existing to non-existing. Yet, in this grace-filled moment, feeling the fullness of embodied life, the wisdom of becoming our selves, each and every one different, and special and unique. Honouring the presence of all who appear, over and over again, to live this one life, as it is.

I have returned with humbleness and my dignity.

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  1. Ferryl Casselman says: Reply

    Very true. Eloquently said as usual!!

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