Smiling From The Heart

It is curious to smile.
Our lips can stay pressed,
lift at the corners,
or open our lips, revealing our teeth,
and allowing an energy to pour out
touching everyone around.

A smile crinkles the eyes.
It expresses joy and warmth
from the inside out.
It is a gift to others,
saying hello, how are you
or what a delight to see you.

Smiles can express moments of
pure happiness
breaking into laughter.
Opening us in such a way
that it reveals a long corridor
arriving at the opening of our hearts.

A smile is like a marionette
with strings lifting the latch of the heart’s door
where the story begins.

Out of the heart, along the corridors,
comes a free breeze of warmth
that exudes itself upon arrival
in the mouth that chooses to express itself
with a luminous smile.

It fills the air around.
It radiates warmth and love and interest and laughter.
The head, like a marionette’s dance,
raises up and back with a breath,
as deep as the belly,
releasing all the joy of being present
to enjoy and share the moment with another.

A smile is worth a thousand words,

A smile is just a smile.

Palm to palm, chin to chest

I smile.

writing exercise by Jillian
photography by Jillian in Paris

Welcoming your thoughts....

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