The Wholesome Days and The Twelve Starry Nights

There is a magic at this time of the year…..

something special, something different …

a timelessness and a place, an opening ….

unlike any other moment of the year.

It is an opening into the flow of life itself,

 into the wellsprings of wisdom

and the presence of love

with perfect balance.

Veils are lifted for a period of time when

the flow of an inner life and an outer life,

a combined flow of the wholeness of life

above and below and around,

and the fields and meadows of the starry skies

can be felt, seen, and held tenderly.

There is a twinkling and a sparkle,

a breeze of fresh air,

the depth and richness of soils.

There are inner places to be and dwell,

dream and imagine

think and plan

where observing and creating a life

within the flow and wisdom of life

is possible.

I call them

The Wholesome Days and The Twelve Starry Nights

the perfect combination of

living well and  living wisdom.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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