What Makes the Heart Quicken

What makes the heart quicken?

What makes the soul sing?

What a magical moment when this rising up,

this quickening,

coincides with wonder and enthusiasm.

Timeless surges of hope, wonder, imagination and new-found ideas

welling up to crest and spill forth a sense of offering….gifts of insight

gifts of inspiration and gifts of interest

to participate newly and compassionately.

Walking along the shore’s edge,

watching ever so delightfully

the never-ending lapping of time

and rhythms that bring forward new life

like the spreading of jewels on the sands that sparkle.

Gifts of insights and intentions

Of enthusiasm and willingness.

Despite life’s on-going obstacles from the beginning of time,

there is always the optimist, the searcher and researcher,

wonder and opportunity to re-create

and re-imagine goodness and values in living.

Reasons to believe, facts to see, imaginations to create out of

Dipping into the lakes of blue and the sunshine of golden,

Carving intentions out of rock

and growing flowers out of the dark brown soils.

This makes the soul sing ancient, yet simple songs of renewal.

This makes the heart beat ever so loudly

when it is united in the rhythms of life, of nature and time.

Life, life, life.

Living, living, living.

Together in this environment of connectedness,

this family of natural existence

removed from forms and ideologies that separate.

Together in this environment of genuine interest

to be and to exist….in happiness,

thoughtfully, heartfelt-ly, and compassionately,

this is the wellspring of life and of living….

out of this we can find our connectedness,

our nourishment and our purpose.

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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