Moving Gently Through the Opening

Moving gently

through the opening

through the windows and doors

of timelessness and beauty,

and the corridors of the Earth,

poetically, poignantly and peacefully

brings a kaleidoscope of deep emotions,

perfect loving,

the opening of depth and awareness,

sparkling ideas,

and a flow of life ever so new,

every year,

ever so beautiful, so fluid , so moving,

it fills me with a tender evolving silence

and choreography of happiness….

Places and spaces and environments

 newly opened, re-opened and re-membered

at this special time of year

in my heart and soul,

my mind and neurology

myself and my willingness…..

with thresholds

ever beckoning and welcoming

to be discovered–as the new pathways,

to be created–as new ways of being and becoming

to be lived–as a uniquely new worldwide culture of peace…

bringing extraordinary experiences

–by and with and around–

the presence

of this gently flowing, unveiled

essence and substance of life,

that radiates love,

cultivates genuine peacefulness

and offers a profoundly new choice

of living every single day, of every single year,

within this ever-present living wisdom.

To take the spirit of Christmas

or to take the spirit of any path

and transform and alchemize it into human capacities

of  compassion and awareness

is to bring wholesomeness to our daily life,

sunshine to our hearts,

and star light into the very cells and stories of our existence

all through the year.

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Christmas Eve 24, Christmas Day 25,

Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27th of December, 2012

Welcoming your thoughts....

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