The Life of the Heart

I woke up one day realizing that

as others were educating the mind

I was going through the initiation of the heart.

Of course the heart has mindfulness.

It even thinks.

But with different words and rhythms

and beats.

The life of the heart

is quiet, yet surely present

each and every day.

It has the nature of song and the language of poetry,

well thought out and beautifully present.

There is a wisdom deep within its interiors

that opens into the environments of the soul

which, of itself, is always questioned

in existence and purpose.

Yet, it is the setting for the wellsprings of life and living

to flow out of, exist from, and live within.

The education of this heart and the awakening to this environment of soul

beckons in our time to be seen and heard and cultivated,

like a garden of roses.

To learn how to bring love into the world,

into a held environment is essential for our time.

The heart has strength and births love.

It is not weak.

The soul has wisdom and living environments.

It is not empty.

The art of living this wisdom and birthing love into the world

is unseen, yet necessary, for proliferation

of that which is true, good and beautiful.

It is essential

for all that holds wonder, quickening and embellishing warmth.

The realms of the heart and soul

can no longer be written off to the fanciful and thoughtless.

For it has ripened and matured through time,

like a good wine

yet has the freshness of a spring’s water.

Love and Wisdom.

a quintessential relationship

of heart and soul

labouring, crafting, artistically creating and birthing

that which is new and vital to sustaining life on Earth and

surviving the differences and the challenges

in profound dignity

and eloquent beauty.

written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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