Veil Upon Veil, Layer Upon Layer

When a child is born,

they are naked to the world in that moment of time,

until, the warm blankets are wrapped around the miraculous body,

and the veils of love surround its human heart and being-ness.

It is at this moment that veil upon veil and layer upon layer

begins to surround

each incarnating human soul .

Veils of light and love and pure intentions, and,

layers of circumstance, history, story and biography

both existing simultaneously.

Veil upon veil, layer upon layer….both garmenting and sculpting a life.

Veils lifted and seen through,

 continuously choreographing within and around.

Layers, by contrast, thickened,

ripened and peeled through time…..

like an orange protecting its origin

and evolving essence within.

Veils of love and light and intentions.

Lightly flowing, spontaneously given, deeply nourishing, lovingly present.

Layers of history and ancestry,

biology and biography,

as the stuff to work through, in order to ripen.

Layers gained incarnating into form.

Some pleasant, some not,

but given through the physical circumstances of birth

as one’s fortune cookie.

Some layers too thick to breathe through.

Others delicately balanced to uphold and hold in…the forming story…

until the moment it is told.

Many have no veils of light and love and conscious pure human intentions

surrounding them at that precious moment of birth,

that builds up self esteem and a sense of joy and place and dawning purpose,

facilitating the quickening of life and consciousness.

An essential missing substance for many human beings,

the holding and surrounding of the veils….

Yet, these silk veils, gossamer veils,

transparent veils do exist unto themselves….

surrounding all of life, flowing with life

one tiny human being at a time…..

Everyone is embraced and connected

to something called living wisdom….

a living wisdom that is always present….

regardless of the layers of circumstances.

A living wisdom so light, yet so deeply profound and present,

that understands and gives of itself,

in its etheric waves, so as to innately build character….

that moves in such a way,

that it gives choreography and movement

to all life that is living…..

embracing it in such a way

that stature and sense of place

exists in any and every given moment.

Living wisdom flutters in the breezes of breath and the warmth of light

giving levity to layers

and dances to biographies

in order to move out and emerge

into life itself.

Some emerge unfettered by those layers,

others affected and altered.

Whatever the entry, once reached,

there is no doubt, that a living, breathing, pulsing life

has been found.

Now freely engaged,

one can be inspired by the wisdom of things and places

through the lifting veils of sight….

gaining in-sight and understanding in this new realm of living wisdom,

now freed from the layers of time and biography,

and the numbered circles on the inside of the tree of life’s trunk

beginning to see that the passage up and through the rings of life and

the rings of fire is the way

until one reaches the golden rings of crowns

which gives passage into the clear light of day.

No one is ever exempt from layers and passages.

It is a burden both as parent and baby and child that all have to bear.

With its best scenario

evolving in love.

It is the suffering of humanity that can be released

when the portals of circles

have been found

and the layers of existence, released.

And when this common reality

of moving through releasing the layers,

seizes to take hold and control one’s daily life,

an alchemy of substances occur

changing these circles of layers

into a beautiful, hard-won, luminous

pearl of wisdom.

And when the luminosity of the pearl lights up,

veils are lifted

and new places and perceptions


Places called environments

where living wisdom lives.

alongside of joy and wonder.

Environments out of which the nature of life

can truly, freely and authentically be created and lived.

Within this new sacred womb of worlds

that exists in the nature of life itself

a rose blossoms

a deer leaps

a human heart pulses with imagination

and fires, inspired mindful thoughts

giving way to heartfelt, mindful, pure intentions.

A living wisdom unveils itself and she is breathtakingly beautiful.

A wisdom that has no parameters or boundaries or owners.

A wisdom that embraces unconditionally,

and envelopes lightly enough

that all of life can naturally emerge, unsmothered,

but mothered, from a living stream

never-ending, always fresh, clear and flowing.

In the nature of things, layers ripen and fall,

and as the veils lift and gently surround,

always moving and evolving,

a space and place and environment opens up

so large and so vast

out of which emerges

an altered life,

a beautiful life

a never-ending pulsing life


the presence of all that is living.

A life

and the living.

This substance of living wisdom

perpetually births

the essences of life

you and me

the Earth and nature

animals, birds and flowers

suns and stars

and every other pulsing, blossoming, leaping, unfolding, breathing

living thing.

Out of living wisdom is the continuous birth of life itself.

Joy evolves in every moment of living

enveloped by the veils and presence of this wisdom

as we continuously move through

freeing ourselves from the layers of the past

to finally stand in the light of consciousness

with an abundance of choice on how to create,

live and care for this precious life

filled to overflowing

with a waterfall of love

to do just that.

By Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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