The Seed of Life

Within every human being there is a seed of life.  It is a vibrant living source of energy.  It is living and needs to be tended to and nourished.  Some call it a flame others refer to it as something slumbering within every human soul.

This beautiful living substance holds within it the essence of who each one of us is.  It is held inside until the time comes when we are able to be responsible for it, create and live out of it, and offer its essence and substance as a gift to the evolution of human consciousness and human living.

The nature of it is a circle.  A circle of life.  Within this circle is a whole living, self sustaining organism.  An organism, by nature, that needs to grow and open up.  For if it does not open up, several things can happen….it withers away, it gets diseased or it never finds the way out.  This circle of life exists in many places.

Every seed of life, every living being, is important and essential to the whole flow and progression of life.  Each seed when opened has a tone, a light that radiates out of it when it is conscientiously tended to.  Every light is essential.  Every tone necessary for the harmonies of life.

Imagine one hundred tiny circular seeds of life placed on a white canvas.  Imagine that each seed is being tended to, cared for and nourished.  Earth, water, air and fire being the essential etheric and physical elements necessary for their growth.

Slowly one by one, the top of each circle opens and something begins to appear and emerge–something so alive and beautiful, it takes your breathe away, quieting it.  It becomes the growing tip and the portal of becoming.  It is a process that takes time and years to unfold.  Imagine a profound array of qualities overflowing or revealing themselves from this opened top of the circle of life.  Some of the circles radiate light, others blossom, some are holding a candle, while others appear like waterfalls–etherically vibrant and illuminated.  There are endless images and gestures of each seed of life as it unfurls its essence.

Life would not be complete without the appearance and contribution of each seed in the circle of  a larger, shared life.

There are considerations in this realm, space and place of life.  How will this tiny flame of life, this essential seed of living, grow and sustain itself?  Where will it live?  How will the flowers blossom and waterfalls keep flowing singularly and collectively?

These are the questions relevant to the human heart and soul.  This is the place and starting point for the mind to begin to enter in to perceive the beauty and wisdom of life and living itself.  It is the place where imaginations live and the mind finds its inspiration, and environments open for a new culture of common purpose to thrive.

For at the entrance of this beautiful garden of waterfalls, flowers, candlelight and ethereal sunlight, there is a whole new world to perceive, unlike the physical world already discovered.  It is a place to be entered into.  It is an environment that is cared for not owned or controlled.  It is seen by those who have begun to tend to the circles of life, within themselves, and around them, in life, in nature, on the Earth in the gardens of life.

For years and years, there have been individual little circles of life, unfolding and entering into this presence and wisdom of life and the living.  Love and compassion, kindness and care ever at the front door of doing something consciously and being somewhere intentionally.

Time and life is calling all of us now, to find our inner circles of life and begin tending to them.  For when life is born, when the seed is tended and grown, new in-sight occurs and vision changes.  Awareness of each other and surroundings begin to matter.  Hunger and thirst cannot be ignored.  Elements and substances are sought by which to keep it all alive, well and thriving.  We recognize that each one of us lives within this place called life, that can no longer be ignored or used for personal gain.

When a seed of life, a child of light, a circle of living, is honestly and awe-inspiringly perceived, then the world alters its course, the evolution of human consciousness can push forward together, and a sense of infinity opens up in the world of existence that allows each one of us to care for the whole.

The physical Earth, through time, has been discovered, conquered, owned and controlled.  But this place where life has its origins, ponds of reflections and waterfalls, cannot be.  It is the source out of which each and everyone of us has been born—life.  It is the place where we all need to live and grow and have our being-ness be useful and purposeful with an innate sense of belonging.

Every human being in every part of the world has a heart.  It is to the heart of the matter that one can turn one’s gaze.  For within the human heart there is a symbolic door which can be opened into this environment and nature of living which can change, in an instant, how one looks at things.  It is there.  It requires no money, only perception.  Perception that changes the nature of things from commodities and other worldly things into life-giving seeds and environments of vibrant living.  Unfolding seeds and living environments that need warmth and care, consciousness, nourishment, and awareness of the question:  What is Life?

Life is not a religion or philosophy based on a fixed understanding.  It has the depths of mystery and the beauty of evolution.  It is something no one can own.  It is the highest gift each one of us has within us and which each one of us has to offer.

We have the faculties, however, to perceive it, live in the imagination of it, be inspired, have an acquired wise intuition that has alchemized knowledge into the experience of life itself.  It is time to turn everything inside out.

For years the question in humanity was:  What is the meaning of life?  I think we have a new question circling the Earth:  What is Life?  How can we keep it alive?

The heart and soul of matter and human beings want to participate in earnest.  It is time for the human mind to perceive the beauty and wisdom in the nature of living things and begin living the change.  It is time to begin Educating from the Heart, with the full participation of the mind so that thinking about the Earth and each other will no longer be a disposable affair, but instead arises out of a living wisdom deeply profound and infinitely beautiful that knows we are all part of this exquisite thing called life.  It is time for conversations and understandings that begin with the recognition and honouring of the seeds of life, the circles of life and embraces the new communities of life.  Communities committed to new cultures of peace-filled daily living, the art of living wisely and consciously, and the awareness that we are all in this together and every single person matters.

I hear a tone and poetic words that sound and speak of community supported living, the art of living wisdom, education of the heart, world hearth for peace and friendship.  I feel the sun and the wind blowing through my hair of history.  I see the stars and the cosmos shooting and crowning the Earth and human souls.  I feel the Earth and hold within my heart a tiny seed of life that has blossomed time and time again and I see many hearts opening like tiny seeds within a sanctuary of living wisdom…..I see a garden with many seeds of life unfolding, sharing a new culture of peace.  And as time unfolds, it is time to save the seeds, save the flowers and the children and the animals.  It is time to honour the sparkling stars and the living soil.  It is time…..

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

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