The Essence of Love and the Substance of Life


The intrinsic or indispensable properties

that serve to characterize or identify something.

The most important ingredient; the crucial element.

The inherent, unchanging nature of things.


A material of a particular kind or constitution.

Essential nature; essence. Gist; heart.

What is, is love.

Out of this essence, this presence,

 a new substance is formed:  life.

Out of love comes life.

Essentially and substantially.

Quintessentially and extra-substantially.

It is the quickening of that which is called love

that opens up the flower of the heart,

and the environments of the soul

bringing to light the creation and formation

of places and spaces

substances and living beings

carrying within them, the light of love

capable of illuminating  environments

substantiating being and becoming.

The canvas of life colourfully painted.

The stories of life majestically unfolded

The words formed to hold open a home

for the essence of love

and the substance of life.

And the world goes round and round and round.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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