Light and Lightness

When the constellations of change move through the skies,

they press and pressure us to look up and out of ourselves

to see the beauty around us and feel the embrace of living.

When the constellations of change rumble and sparkle

in our hearts and our minds,

if we breathe and release the trepidation,

we are awashed with a light so pure

and a lightness so gentle

that our heads are enveloped by the starry constellation itself

impressing upon us its blossoming wisdom

with hearts open as waterfalls of expression

andĀ  feet lightly touching the Earth’s nature invigorating dance

and the impulse to move forward.

Lightly seeing, light-filled walking, life overflowing.

I cup my hands with opened fingers

touching this life and light

holding it like I held before

beholding its majesty and presence….

this light, this life, this living wisdom.

Giving back to me vision and inspiration

imaginations like small birds flocking

and a delicate intuition that has paid its price

for learning the ways to ever enliven a life worth living.

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Photos from Rumi

Welcoming your thoughts....

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