Forever Altered

Who knew what unexpected states of being

would fill my soul and alter me….forever.

Who knew that a nudge from the winds of change

would send me soaring through the speed of light

searing and shearing, altering me forever.


Never realizing that after time,

the experience would no longer encompass the what or the why

only the how and the where…..

does life emerge in new ways

reflective of the altered soul

making way for a new life of living….

New impulses, not old, not re-emerging, instead newly born.

Things take time.

There are cycles and seasons during and after crisis.

Crisis equating crucial or decisive situations

that unfold a turning point in time.

A turning point

creating a point at the end or the beginning

and equally in the middle

Turning round and round searching for the perfect spot

to lie down or open up or enter into….

a moment of repose, of refreshment, of certainty

forever altered from the swirling dervish-ness of change.

Being placed in a quiet moment,

a pool of water,

a nest of tall grasses,

that holds one quiet after the storm

with nothing mothering but one’s own soul life

however simple or full bouqueted or deep, or not, it may be.

Nothing left from before the moment of time

that changed the heartbeat,

altered perception and nudged the walking

in new directions

yet present in the very bones and nature of one’s existence

beckoning wakefulness in the symphonies of soul

and quietness of being

emerging from someplace else

that can’t be found

unless one is invited

without invitation into the waves of change

in the ocean

and the light of existence.

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie Shouldice

Photography from Rumi fb page.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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