The Dance of Beauty

10592895_714870411930763_5312285863499985526_nBarefoot and naked of all adornments

I move and sway

To the silent, clear heartbeat

Loud in my ears

Tapping and finger snapping through the hallowed corridors

Of my quiet inner place of dwelling.1478940_564372960313843_1817077029_nAware of warmth arising

From the interior hearth of being

A womb of worlds

Where emotions ignite colours into

Scents and flowers unfolding

Aromas and fruits ripening

Music and songs expressing

10917460_774192349331902_1412923281863002287_nThis interior dance of beauty

Full and soft

Living and wise

Burgeoning an essence of openness

Within the birthplace of creative renewal

10409691_787428988008238_1333341965962771898_nEyes closed, eyes open

Heart beating, hips swaying

To the intensity of fullness

And utter essence of self

Within the Sanctuary of Love

And Temple of Living Wisdom

10352558_689429917808146_6327525750960813066_nWhere bells ring

In the dawning of time

And doors open

In the light of day

Where Substance of Presence

And Breath of Life

Arrives with splendour

11045335_799679126783224_2278443226658789543_nArms open and extended

To embrace the living beauty

And completeness of myself.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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