Glimmering Particles of Light

sun-through-windowSitting by the tall, south-facing window

I close my eyes and feel the glimmering particles of light

gently falling

and moving within the breeze

filling the air with its presence.

Particles of light that reflect themselves

into my eyes

and I into them.

Particles of light that move through my skin

an illusion of matter

running brightly through my veins

within my mind

filling my heart

with the presence of this glimmering light.

Enlightening the veiled

filling the corridors of the body’s mastery of form

into formlessness

and grace.

font-windowsShimmering particles of light

that live within the sun’s rays

and the glimmer of a dew drop

on a cherry blossom

and i ask,

how can i “work” with these shimmering

glimmering particles of light

without a form, like a tea room.

how can i hold open a place of sanctuary

where this living wisdom can just be,

dwell…inspire and create….without obstacles.

Today i held that question

for a moment

then let the formed words go

in the same moment that it dissolved

into beautiful particles of light

becoming particle itself

free from desire,

free from form

living freely

and I gazed in quiet humbleness

into this pure light

this swirling life

watching this humble question

of willing interest,

release its form.

Awakening and realizing

jill rosemary birthed

jill labelle sophie sits quietly

within the particles of this shimmering light

simply coming back to the present moment

within the breath,

within my consciousness

within my deep undying interest

to be

in love

in the light

living within the wisdom

of the warmth of creation


to life

and its nature

to others

and their natures

to my own being

and the place I dwell

and breathe

within the beauty-filled

swirling and shimmering

particles of light.

sunshineWithin this place

there are no questions

only breath-giving beauty

the essence of love

and the substance of life

There is no need to birth now

dear Jill LaBelle Sophie

no need to form

I am free

to just be

and become

and be aware

be love

be peace

be well

be happy.

wpid-img_20120617_204334I have birthed the light

and now it is birthing me

within the sanctuary of living wisdom

within the glimmering particles of light.

And, I bow deeply.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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