Thursday Swells

Swells are wonderful feelings.

That rising and falling of something

Undefinable, yet real, slowly trying

To emerge…like a baby

Swelling and retreating

Until the moment comes when

On the wave of water and choice

It appears in the world

Fresh and new.


Swelling is swelling, really.

And I feel this swelling,

Not in my physicality

But in my womb of worlds

In the wide open sky of possibilities.

And I am drawn back in my gaze to things

that were and are no longer, yet

Not being a pessimist, not lost,

But part of the foundation of my existence

The building and unfolding of the story

of life….precious life

And in this swelling,

I feel that same kind of joy

of anticipating….a baby of sorts…..

a new creation…..something appearing

from inward places,

unseen places of love and nurture,

yet carried in preparation

for years and lifetimes

in order to be free to what?

let the swell come forth

out of me, within me,

out of the universal beauty of form and energy,

or am I simply stepping out of the chrysalis of time

with a compassionate tenderness

worn away through the years

to a smooth, quiet place

that carries the depth of nature’s cycles

and the star’s stories, and the human suffering,

that no longer suffers

but is dipped in the waterfalls of wisdom,

until it is ripened?


freed from that which isn’t the purity of self

with all its imperfections….


Simply imperfect, yet emerging with so much love

and willingness to be and accompany

in the circles of love, free from form and beliefs,

free from steps and logic,

free from suffering in the light of day

and the presence of each other.

Love is a beautiful thing and hard to describe.

Yet it is without form, within form

It expands and radiates, within the vastness of being

aware, present, willing, wise and peaceful.

It opens the middle eye, the third eye of seeing

life differently, with love birthing wisdom

Or is it wisdom birthing love….

my beloved venus sophia, bella sophia, labelle sophie

within the beauty of its own simultaneous appearance and existence

from the inside out and the outside in,

turning with the alchemy of change

without linear sequence, but twisting and swaying with breath

and words like star substance, sun rays and moon beams

dancing in the energetic light and substance of essence

to reveal this feeling, this swelling of existence announcing itself

without worry who or where or what it all is

for in the process of birthing, you are led by grace to do what you

innately know how to do…..push forward…..stay open… abundantly

carry with dignity…..hold within, the living wisdom that understands,

mothers and children, swellings and appearances that are larger than life itself

yet placed within the forms of life,

to be discovered, to be lived, to be cherished.


There is this swelling within me, and I tune into it,

like I have in other circumstances

And I sing and dance, I sway and smile, not knowing what I am carrying, yet

prepared for my whole life, through the mantras: I am my purpose,

I’ve come to love…..I am here…..

as winds of change pulled at every heart string I

weave upon, or play upon, or follow…..and yet, I am here,

I am still willing, I am swelling with joy,

I am willing to love unconditionally,

I am present without judgment,

in the moment of this beautiful life

as it swells in me, and I turn in quietness to do what I know innately.

Sit quietly, sing, dance gently and softly, hold my heart in my hands,

my body ,and let go to the calling to intuitively do

what is divinely feminine to do

open wide and bring forth more of this beautiful essence of life

the living love beyond measure,

be aware and present to that which is right here, right now

and bring genuine care, compassion, and a ripened living wisdom

to the new outward manifestation of an eternal living, multi-layered energy

without having to name it, or tame it, or know it, or control it…..

I feel the call to love with all my heart

I feel called to participate in the unseen swelling and appearance of that

which is so much greater than a name or a moment or a place

Yet, I am here, in this moment, in this place and space

And I am willing to be part of this swelling energy of becoming

more than we could ever imagine…..

As anointment, as awakening,

as opening the new places I’ve never birthed from

places within the humanness of existence that open to bring in new impulses,

new energies that will grow new ways of living and being and loving together.

Am I clear?  Yes, only in the feeling, that I feel as a woman and a mother,

the something that cannot be described, ascribed or labelled,

but I know to be true, utterly true, in the deepest part of my beingness

which is without form.

So today, I hear the heralding call

And I am ready to move and open to the swelling

I am willing to consciously birth this wave of loving existence

Through my awareness, unknowing of specifics

I have prepared my whole life to  live my purpose

to bring love into the world

and I shall do it again in a new way, without a name

or call to myself, but instead I bow, deeply, to this mystery

I feel swirling and swelling

I kneel in devotion

I raise my arms in adoration and joy

And I quietly move back into my day

in humbleness and dignity.

Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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