Still Waters

Still and clear

a body of water

shimmers in the morning light.


She sits quietly beside

as white as a lily

as warm as the sand.


Brittle bones intact for carrying her

into illuminated landscapes

untouched by human hands.


Sparkling eyes in the thinly veiled

alchemy of luminosity

tender to the outward

vibrant to the inward.


She sits silent and upright

in a moment

of time.


Floating in the clear still waters

as one

weathered raw

in the sun rise

of being gentle.


Unfolding grace in the rough

and waterfalls in the condensed,

amidst the dust of starlight

sparkling in her hair.


Within the quiet reflections

of water

under veils of human existence

lifting itself

into the stature of dignity and unseen beauty.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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