The Beauty of Love

To breathe in is to incarnate, to breathe out is to be part of creating a world of healing and happiness.
To love is to feel one with this creation in devotion and relationship.
To be given the freedom to have an inner life of being yourself, of discovering your imprint, is to be given freedom over your individual life.  To live in freedom is essential for developing a uniquely meaningful and authentic life.  
However, to pull that freedom into personal pursuits, not aware of others, love or the gift of living, is to take that freedom and run with it for personal experiences and gains alone.  To have time to figure this out is available, to continue living only for one’s self, has consequences.
To breathe in the gift of life, into the inner realms of human freedom, is to find the inner sanctuary of imagination, inspiration and intuition—homeland of love.
When one feels love for the whole reality of inner and outer existence, for all of life, for the presence of close family members or the world community, it arises from the sense of wholeness of life and oneness in this beautiful manifestation of love.
To love from the heights and the depths is to be in service to it.  To love is to radiate warmth, wisdom, kindness and compassion into the world and one’s family at large.
But here’s the thing I realize.  To love from the wellspring of love requires one to respect the boundaries of every single human being who has the right to be themselves personally, in an individual or collective way.  
The nature of love is to be in the same place, to be in relationship.  If someone or anyone doesn’t want to be in relationship with another’s love, whatever the form or manifestation, then love cannot come into the daily life of sharing.  It is the right of every human being, be it children, family, neighbours, friends or the world community, to choose who they want to be in relationship to.
Love’s wellspring, on the other hand, exists out of the whole, as a united substance.  Individual love found, created and nurtured, can be grown through the seasons or life, or let go, like a bird-ling taking flight from the nest.  
Whether a daily relationship gives way, space or form for the wellspring of love to be united, formed and lived out of, is the free will of each and every person.  When one has to let go of the daily, love still remains.  It can be radiated and love can be devotional, love can be kind and unconditional; and it will always live in the centre of every human heart and infinitely in the soul and spirit. of every human being.  
Letting go of personal relationships that no longer have, need or require a form for love to grow out of, will always remain connected to the oneness of love, from the beginning, and from the inside out.  
The hardest thing in love is to let go when paths no longer cross in the home, hearth or sanctuary, or in daily life.
As a mother, I know that holding open the space for a living being to unite inwardly in the realms and essence of eternal love, within the beauty of love, the family of love, and the infinite wellsprings of love, by holding open the question, would you like to join us?  is to be called into the mysteries and initiations of being human.
To love beyond control and conditions, is to freely move in the flow and relationships of love.
As a young mother, I used to say that what I wanted most for my children was that they would have an inner life before they left home, some sense of their authentic selves, so no matter what happened in life, they could tap into who they were, in the place of personal freedom, and find solutions to life’s joys and challenges unfolding each and every day.
I imagined it meant that they had access to the wellsprings of love, to creativity, to a sense of inner being and a quiet place to dwell and contemplate.  I imagined it meant that inspiration would always be their companions and that intuition would ultimately guide them in dark moments.
I never imagined that cultivating a life of freedom meant that they, too, would always and forever have the right and possibility to choose who they shared their daily lives of love, thinking, feeling and willing with, and that I wasn’t a given.  
The nature of birthing children is to birth the greatest miracle and love possible, another human being.  To surround them, feed them, nourish them, care for them for so many years with all heart strings being played like a lullaby and a symphony, strengthened that inner connection to our children.
And when the days come for flight after flight after flight, through the seasons of one’s life, it is unimaginable to the human heart of a mother and father, that just maybe those flights will never return to our prepared landing pad.  It is counterintuitive to let go of a deeply rooted relationship and an inner and outer environment that has been held open so lovingly for years.
But here’s the thing, I’ve had to come to terms with, had to sit deeply in pain with… I knew from the beginning, our children are free, and I intentionally cultivated that sense of human freedom and personal expression.  
And, of course, out of that freedom comes the freedom to find love as well in daily life and in our world and our culture, which means it isn’t built on traditional, cultural norms of living near family, of sharing meals and daily life,.  Is that bad?  No, it is simply real to be and free to love. 
It is also true that love is infinite, love is true, and love never dies.  It is carried within one’s heart and soul, and body, consciously or not.  And here’s one thing I know to be true:  the love of a mother and father is planted as original seed within each child to carry that love out into the world as they each see fit, that speaks out of their voice, their hearts and their minds.  Love is living in every human being, regardless of circumstance, when he or she is born.  Every living thing holds within it the presence of love. 
It is no longer a time of staying small and personal.  It is a time in our world to rise up into the larger wellsprings and cosmos of love and help heal all the broken places that have been damaged through egos disconnected to this wholeness and awareness of love.  
The time for personal gain and desire dominating the world is over.  Caring and respecting the living presence of love and life in all its delicacies and reality and all living beings that breathe and grow is at hand.
I’ve awoken this morning with an insight that has affected me deeply.  It is important on every single level to be aware of the boundaries of every single human being.  When there is relationship in daily life, love can be given and received, dipped into and explored.  Love can grow and blossom.  When there isn’t a relationship, for whatever reason, respect of personal choices and space are of utmost importance.  No one has the right to impose.   
To know that love is implicit and deep within the human soul as original and creative, is to know that it is timeless and present in all we do and see and say.  Deep within the heart and soul of every human being there is a sanctuary and wellspring of love.  One that has been seeded and tended to through personal love and a wellspring of love that is eternal and always there in its infinite, living presence.  To become aware of personal inner and outer spaces and to be aware of where they begin and end in each one of us is essential.
Whether one has been deeply loved as a child and member of a family or not; or whether one has felt born out of this universal, infinite wellspring of love, the real presence and healing power of this love is and always will be present inside each one of us regardless of the story line.
Once one discovers the interior breath of incarnation and the inner landscapes and places to be, it will become human nature to radiate all aspects of this living reality into the world, into daily life through our babies and children and families, and through our love of animals and life and the beauty of existing each and every day of our breath-filled lives, each in our own ways.
We are all carrying love within us.  And we are all free to choose how to share that love with others.  One cannot give love if it is not wanting to be received.  But one can radiate love to anyone and every one out of the tenderness and beauty of its presence in each and every present moment.  Every day love can be born into the world through our creativity and awareness that we all arise out of its infinite presence.
How we care for this love within our lives, and discovering who we want to share it with is each person’s choice and free will.
Regardless of choice, we are all one within the flowing presence of love, seen or unseen, in relationship or not.
It is the essence of who we are and the substance of our hearts and souls.  It is something to be known, respected and upheld with our consciousness as a reality in the world of matter, because it fills matter with the eloquence of purpose and existence with the clear still waters of our minds, seeing it for what it is, and clearing out the corridors of time, so the dignity and grace of creative renewal will live wisely through time. 
When one consciously participates with it, beauty is born.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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