Stories You Carry Within


My shoulders are an area of my body that carry stress.

It runs from shoulder to shoulder, neck to shoulder blades.

Interesting….blades, like a knive or blades of grass,

hard or soft, sharp or subtle.


A place on the body that can open up as you reach your arm

up behind you.  Blades like wings, opening space to breathe.


This place defined by a pull on the neck and a heaviness on the shoulders, and a dull ache.


The image of Atlas holding the whole world on his shoulders, as reminder for me, to stop and remove the world from mine, readjust my spine, aligning it within my world, my body.

Pain is such an interesting thing.

In so many ways, it’s like a bell ringing,

calling our attention to its sound reverberating through the air.

It is a wake up call, so we can ask ourselves:

What am I carrying around with me?

How can I release what is not necessary for me to carry?

How and when do I notice?  What and why do I hear a bell awakening me?




There was a question the other day, I came across:

How much energy is really required to get the job done?

How much more are we really giving?

What is just the right balance?




To walk in life begins with balance.  The first steps we find and take,

the falls and joys of discovering our balance is primary.

How we continue to walk through life becomes an interesting choice.

Are we paced or rushed in our steps?

Are we aware we are even walking, step by step by step?

What do we carry on our shoulders each day, in our minds, our hearts, our physical bodies?


More importantly, how do we set down, set aside, step around those things

which are not necessary to get the job of living our lives done?

To lie down at night is one moment we can lay our armour,

our racing thoughts and anxious feelings down.

We can walk through the rain or the shower,

washing away our pain, our burdens, our sorrows…

Most of all we can take the world off of our shoulders,

a world that happily enjoys spinning of its own accord.


To imagine ourselves as just ourselves, one backbone, two feet, two legs, arms, hands, ears, and eyes,

to imagine our rib cages expanding, our hearts radiating and our shoulder blades

turning into an open instrument for receiving and allowing the lungs to rise and fall,

expand and contract, taking inside of us the gifts of oxygen, light and breath is lightheartedly life giving.

To hold our whole body open to freely become the instrument for our life

gives way to an image of freedom and soaring.

Wings outstretched, arms held high,

feet firmly rooted in the earth and on the ground,

eyes wide open, with the elements and notes,

rhythms and music flowing through us

is a revelation of what it is to be tending our humanness.

Open, balanced flowing, giving, receiving, humane, compassionate and kind,

swaying to the music of the spheres in harmony with all of our nature

and the Earth’s nature is the beat of our heart.

To be is to become whole and upright, to become an instrument of peace and beauty,

in the symphonies of life continuously renewing, rewriting and renaming itself.




written by Jill RoseMary LaBelle Sophie

Sketches by Da Vinci



Welcoming your thoughts....

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