Preparing Pasta #2

What a delight it has been watching this young chef making pasta each night.

It was ravioli this time–cheese and spinach

And it was so helpful to watch him roll out the dough

and transform it into a new pasta.

This one is a bit blurry because he was moving his fingers so quickly,

but I want to try to give an impression of that anyway.

I’ve loved the pattern he makes while creating his homemade pasta.

It is a funny thing what a camara can do–

draw attention to special moments.

Everyone generally just walks by him,

but as soon as I take a few photos,

everyone is gathered around, watching and wondering…

it’s lovely and he smiles when he sees me.


I have one more shot to capture–

his linguini making session,

with this wonderful wooden box

made with from what looks like

guitar or cello or some kind of instrument wire….

maybe tonight!


Welcoming your thoughts....

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