Following an Evening Walk

This is a beautiful place called Luna Blue.

It is a hotel with beautiful gardens.

And a swimming pool.

In the evening, at this little local bar,

music is played.

It is a very sweet and quiet setting.

I love the swings surrounding the wooden bar.

I wonder whether I could incorporate them

at The Rose Garden Cafe in the summer…..

This is simply a picture of wallpaper

in a local store.

I fell in love with the colour

and the pictures….so shabby chic-ish…..

I love these lights out of gourds.

The cutout designs and the various stonework is lovely.

Another blurry picture, but I wanted to tell his story.

He is a delightful older gentleman

that we’ve seen for years.

He comes out with his marimbas

and plays such sweet music.

He is always moving, hence the blurriness…

He is precious.

Evening lights intrigue me.

I love when painters paint on the walls.

It is so original and beautiful and inviting.

I love the architecture using cement and mosaic.

I find the lines very soothing.

This staircase is enchanting

and placed within a small garden area

filled with art and small cafes.

Along the beach route, there are always stands of fresh fruit.

Day or night.

Watermelon, coconut, papaya, cantalope, pineapple….

Just wanted to give a feel for the clubs along the beach.

There are couches and tables and comfy chairs,

often music and the stars above….

This statue reminds us of a photo

we took of our three children as teenagers…

They were all in this position….

Hope you enjoyed the stroll…..

Welcoming your thoughts....

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