Opening Windows of Light

photograph by jillian

Writing, for me, is to experience the depth of a moment

and move my hand with pen in such a way

that a picture is painted and reflected,

while unfolding before one’s inner eye,

a feeling filled with colour, dimension and perspective.

And so I turn my gaze to a phrase which keeps appearing

and reappearing to me:  you cannot brand the light.

My sensitivity offers me opportunities

to come up against things

that cause obstacles to the flow of life and presence of light.


My spiral of inquiry is the phenomenon of personal presentation.

Phenomenon by definition being a situation that is observed to exist or happen,

especially when one whose cause or explanation is in question.

If we all carry part of the light, the mystery, and the life of the universe

implicitly inside of ourselves,

why do so many people imagine these aspects to be only and fully themselves?

Of course, we exist and have existence beyond our comprehension.

Of course, we are people with unique personalities.

Of course we are embodied in the one and only, one-of-a-kind body that we have.

Of course we all are different, yet each of us has a unique heart.

And at the same time, we are all human.

We share this existence, this life,

the air, the water, this place called Earth,

our common home.

Are we not all related in basic human cultural realities and daily presence?

My quandary is why do


renowned, celebrated, noted, notorious people known far and wide

implying little more than the fact of being, sometimes briefly, widely and popularly known.

branded celebrities

people who are well known, famous, receiving lots of public attention,

from other people with the ability to influence many others

and/or publicly known people

with undue amounts of power, control, and financial manipulation

have so much influence on the entire world’s well being and healthy outcome of humanity?

How do we alter perceptions and perspectives, that respect our full earthly existence,

yet includes space in each moment for something greater than ourselves,

common to each one of us, to be honoured and acknowledged?

Not as a formed ritual, religion, philosophy, etc. but instead as a human practice,

as a daily gesture to, inwardly and outwardly,

hold open space for all the light we cannot see,

for all the energy we cannot name,

for all the mysteries in this vast universe that have a presence in all of our lives,

named and unnamed, known and unknown

out of our common interest and love in humanity.

How can we simply recognize that no one can brand the light as them self,
or one path, or the right way

but together, as a people of the Earth, as a community of human beings, as a family of humanity,

we can acknowledge each other as reflections of the stars,

radiance of the sun,

and luminous like the moon.

In a mindful moment, with our full human hearts and potential,

how can we honour this vast awareness as a gift and precious opportunity,

to begin to share and live together

peacefully and humbly just as ourselves,

on our world streets, in our world homes,

with our world hearth friends and world sanctuary families

in freedom, free from fear.

It feels time to take one’s seat

in the world home, world hearth and world sanctuary of human existence,

to begin our common practice

where we can consciously ask:

how can each of us help hold open this space of light, love and breath

on behalf of all of humanity, the Earth, the entire cosmological universe

and a new world culture?

Fully knowing that by doing so, each and every day,

space and time will tenderly open

the living and human realms of infinite kindness

and compassion for one another.

It is time to open our windows into the light of day,

allowing the innate love and living wisdom of the universe,

to reflect itself

and shine upon us,

radiate out of us,

and illuminate the space between us

in the world.

It is time.

It is time for healing, wholeness, and awareness.

It is time for a new world practice

in daily life, by all of us,

holding open the space

to honour the light of day, the quiet of night,

and the common light we all share within us and between us.

It is time to open our windows and treasure each other’s presence.

unknown photographer

a contribution
written by
jill rosemary labelle sophie

One Reply to “Opening Windows of Light”

  1. Brennan Ophelia Marybeth says: Reply

    These are questions I ask myself often. Is there a key to unlock the hearts and minds and souls of all two leggeds who cannot and that THIS and this alone will call forth a planet of love.??

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