Heart and Soul

my heart this morning was whispering to my soul

about affectionately and gently noticing one another

in the realms of infinity, that has no time.

to be seen, quietly, in a moment.

wondering how one maintains a connection

as the inside of time moves forward in space,

while the outside embodies seasons and cycles of ripening.

the song playing gently in my mind, will you still love me tomorrow?

and then this collection of words fell into my lap,

and i smile at their depth of perception and synchronicity.



“Great hearts are like great suns. They contain their own light and warmth.

You have no need, therefore, of praise; you do not even need thanks;

but I must tell you that I love you more every day.”

Victor Hugo


photographers unknown

Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie


2 Replies to “Heart and Soul”

  1. Ferryl Casselman says: Reply

    Thats really lovely!

    1. Thank you Ferryl. xo It was a lovely moment at an outdoor cafe that just opened, large and wide, into a deeper awareness of “to be noticed,” and what happens, or could happen, or not. I began to write, and then the warmth, the song and words of love appeared. Thanks for noticing xoxoxoxo

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