On the Wings of Loving Kindness

photo by jillian

my quiet voice says,

i think the big blue sky of awareness is what’s being asked for right here, right now.

everyday rod and i speak together, trying to understand what is essential

for our and everyone’s well being.  we read, we research, and we observe.

every day we make new decisions.

in my experience, i find it interesting

to hear what people are saying to one another

during this time of a world pandemic.

how everyone is treating everyone else,

the tone of the voice and the way one communicates.

i think we can learn a lot about ourselves and each other

in these times by what we bring to the table on the world stage,

to our neighbours, our friends,

our families and our communities.

are we calm or are we fueling the fires? so many questions.

photographer unknown

there are two things, however, that i recognize are very important to me.
one is, no matter what “shuts down,” we will never lose our individual humanity and freedom, there’s a safe place inside each one of us to retreat, yet participate.

and two, we are all free to make new choices on behalf of our own well being, keeping informed about the situation, participating in the world choreography of care and deciding what each of us really needs to do;

alongside of eating well, walking daily, greeting the sunshine, staying in touch with family, friends, and the whole world of humanity wherever we may be from the inside out.

i experience, participating consciously and kindly, out of one’s self, in whatever situation arises in our lives, essential for our well being. i love what i feel from others.

it’s never about fear, it’s always about how we genuinely respond to each and every moment, and each and every human being .

photographer unknown

i am choosing to go inward right now finding kindness and calm as this crisis sweeps through the world; because it is interesting to quietly observe.  I’ve drawn a line over which i will not humanly step, yet i am here fully.

one thing i have noticed is no matter what situation arises, people will respond out of who they are. each voice building a reaction, or bringing kindness, helpfulness and awareness to this situation.

i’m hoping with taking three steps back into myself, i can find new ways of seeing and responding to the world and this situation.  i love to place my hand on my heart and feel everyone’s heartbeat through mine, and breathe slowly, sending out love, light and healing especially to those on the front line.

it’s interesting to take the time to separate the crisis, from true and untrue facts, from individual reactions, which are all over the map, so to speak, from opinions and worry, and just sit with it.

photo by jillian

i would love to see the world go quiet in a place of mindful awareness. turn off the tv and radios, stay informed, but begin to create a new daily life inside quietly and happily that radiates outwardly as healing balm.

I would love to experience everyone taking 10-15 minutes a day to meditate mindfully in order to become aware of what each of us is thinking or feeling and communicating; and release all of it, so a calm awareness and inner capacity can guide one’s steps through the day with steadiness and ease, quietness, care and genuine interest.

why? just to help calm the frenzy and fear in order to be aware of when to help, when to go inside, when to reach out, and when to be silent together.  Keeping it all a living process.

the imagination is endless in all the wonderful things I and we can do to refocus our attention into lightness and connectedness.

photo by jillian

for me, i can’t feed fear, frenzy and fanaticism. but what i can do is hold open the space, inside and outside of myself, for the light of healing and love to radiate towards all who are sick and suffering, to all those at home or working in hospitals, wishing them and all of us, the very best.  hoping this sweep of illness and uncertainty across the Earth, clears away the dark clouds of late, so the sun can shine in the garden of humanity, with new brilliance and renewed energy.   allowing each of us to grow in new ways, unfolding newfound interests and blossoming kindness from the inside out of our human hearts in the art of worldwide accompaniment.

…….well…..that’s what i’ve been pondering, that’s what i wanted to share, for now….

photographer unknown

some days later……

and just when i thought silence would appear;  words, like drops of rain, continued pouring in, like a song, as the world continues to slow down, even to a halt, in some places.

it feels like a call along the lines of

it’s time to take some space for reflection.

it’s time to ponder what is in this quietness of retreat.

what opportunity lies in front of us to notice with new eyes.

how can I and we see the world in a new light?

becoming aware of each other’s nearness and distance,

within the small circumference of the earth.

photo by jillian

amazing to experience the larger call to go home

a call to go inside ourselves, our inner places, with inquiry

inside our physical homes and hearths, with self care yet aware of the whole,

acquainting ourselves with the hidden doors, therein and between,

that open into the wellsprings of life itself.

photographer unknown

whispering what is life? 

how can we genuinely tend it, consciously care for it, thoughtfully save it?

what a time to wish all of us wellness, strength, awakening awareness, and good health

what a time to nourish our bodies and souls? on behalf of not just ourselves,

but others around the world

being kind, not angry

calm, not confused

compassionate, not judgmental

willingly touching into the frailty of life, on this Earth, together,

with clarity and presence,

awakening one raindrop at a time

what a time……

photographer unknown

in closing…… one night, about two or three weeks ago, a thousand little stars came falling down gently around me, and as i gathered them up, like little uni-verses…their constellations alighted upon my soul, and i wrote down their words of living wisdom. some in verse form, all in love.  what a lovely unexpected song and radiance of loving kindness….from a thousand stars in the sky, i will uphold them and gaze upon them, one day at a time like a metta meditation. i will speak each one as “may i”…, then as “may you”…, and offer “may we”…..all interchangeable….. lovely.

artist unknown

May I open my heart
May I find the stairway into my soul.
May I find the light of my true self.
May I drink from the wellspring of life and transpose it into love.
May I radiate its essence.

photo by jillian

May I be humble.
May I be true.
May I be vulnerable.
To uphold the light
Radiate the love
Surrounded in beauty and peace.
This is my truth.
My way of being human
With dignity.

photo by jillian

May we be true
May we uphold
May we perceive
With grace
That which is living
Bringing dignity to the ordinary.

photo by jillian

May you be light in step
Carrying the light.
May you be loving
Carrying the love.
May you be peaceful
Living in peace.

photo by jillian

The stars bear stories
energetically imprinted
into our cells.
Within our cells
we bear the story of our lives
substantially and essentially
unfolding our own constellation
remembered in the field and meadows of the stars.

photo by jillian

The inner life and environments discovered,
reflected outwardly,
through perception.

photo by jillian

May we give love
in our homes of beauty
hearths of love
sanctuaries of light and living wisdom
in peace and true happiness.
A touch of heart
a place called home
surrounded by towering trees of life
opening the interior ponds of light
with roots far reaching
and wings outspread
burning brightly and infinitely.


photo by jillian

We bear sorrow to bring light
We bear pain to bring love
We bear the unbearable to bring beauty and perception.

photo by jillian

May we trust our hearts
and move into the abandoned World Soul
filling it with life together.
It is time.
World Home
World Hearth
World Sanctuary

photographer unknown

May I surround myself in beauty
May I perceive the light.
May I hear the stories of love.
Birthing beauty and grace.

photo by jillian

May you rest in the soft night
surrounded by stars
enveloped in peace

photo by jillian

May love reach our hearts
May it awaken our souls
Opening the interiors of being generous
Radiating light, warmth and living wisdom.

photo by jillian

Peace, love, joy and happiness
and always.

photo by jillian

May we stay true
to those who love us
May we stay steady
to bear the light together
May our eyes perceive
that which is present
in the centre of our souls.

photo by jillian

by Jill RoseMary LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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