On A Clear Day


When the air is thin

and the light is bright,

there is a clarity

and possibility to see

on a clear day,

those things which hide

within the layers of life

that are not visible

by the sense of seeing

just matter.


On a clear day

when the soul is present,

there is a place that opens

within, that sees and hears

within realms beyond sight and sound.

A place that carries the breeze,

offers the light,

enlightens the mind,

and brings sense to the heart.

The fragrances of life

fill the interior with a mist

that rises

clearing the air

from obstruction

and allowing the breath

a place to move in and out of

bringing essence

and energy of living substances

to life, within,

on the wings of breathing


through the corridors of structure

and plasticity of matter.


On a clear day,

one can open the stain glass windows of the soul,

the inner sanctuary of a living wisdom,

so pure, so bright

balancing everything

in perfect stillness,

that one feels only the essence of clear, ,

silent light.

an essence

connected to the light of the universe

a quiet

connected to the sounds of the universe

and a clearness

that transcends

the personal places that matter

giving way to a sense of

the raindrops of eternity

the winds of time

the warmth of living and

the embrace of perpetual beginnings.


On a clear day,

there is beauty everywhere.

And I raise my hands to my heart

palms pressed together

and quietly sing ah… om……

in harmony

with the universe.


Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

And then suddenly this song arose in my mind.

How lovely, indeed.:

Welcoming your thoughts....

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