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Time for taking stock.

What is the new “to do” list for my life?

Here are some thoughts about what I would like to do and create in this next phase of my life.

1.  I want to finish writing the book I’ve begun:  What Is Life?

2.  I would like to begin writing children’s books about The Adventures of Sunny, Bella and Sophia, and Aquilla and Amelia…..picture books.

3.  I would like to create  The Art of Living Wisdom series–a mentorship/on-line course connected to creating a healthy, beautiful and meaningful lifestyle every day.

4.  I would like to begin planning for World Hearth for Peace and Friendship cultural experience and humanitarian projects and trips.

5.  I would like to begin creating in my art studio–quilting, weaving, dress designing, stain glass, porcelain mosaic pieces… name a few.

6.  I would like to have a garden year round.

7.  I would like to share life, love, and support my family in many new and exciting ways.

8.  I want to continue to pursue a healthy and vibrant lifestyle including raw foods, bicycling adventures, meeting new friends and traveling.

What would I like to do with this website?

Living Wisdom, to me, means actively pursuing, creating and living out of wisdom in the present moment.

It is an art and artistic way of living and perceiving daily life.

I would like to share this beautiful wisdom and way of living with others.

1.  I want a blog for writing.

2.  I would like this website to be the means by which I could offer The Art of Living Wisdom courses and mentorship ideas.

3.  I would like to be able to share photography of the things I find beautiful or have created.

4.  I would like to be able to display the books I will write and sell some day.

Isn’t it lovely to put the whole rest of one’s life and dreams into a list of 12…

I love 12…..

It’s simply beautiful…..

Jill LaBelle Sophie

Photography from Shabby Chic Mania

Welcoming your thoughts....

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