Creating a Life

The artistry of life takes my breath away.

Every day is like walking into a glorious art studio.

There are many projects half painted, half sewn

But each day has a clear slate

upon which to envision, discover

and then wholeheartedly

create a life.

The soul’s environments open as a living setting

for the garments of upholding the substances of life

to unfold and embellish its daily essence.

Such a beauty to behold.

Such a beautiful emergence

daily life and daily living

awaiting our paint strokes of imagination

our fire-filled inspirations

our well natured intuition.

Life is an ethereal living flow

awaiting to be choreographed

within a moment

unfolding its many layers

its many petals

 and fusions of light.

A gift given freely

each and every day

inwardly known to be

the true wealth and richness of existence

through its emergence and exchange.

ah…this beauty called life.

The living presence, the emerging beingness,

the choreography of flow, the breaths of light

the heartbeats of connectedness pushing forward

the gentle touch of warmth

the energies and enthusiasm of the privilege of orchestrating

and creating this thing called Life.

In the hearths and sanctuaries of the home

on the peaks of mountaintops

within the depths of the ocean

and the sparkling of the sun and stars

there is wonder to behold

a life to be lived each and every day.

First there is releasing that which obstructs

then there are the waters of life within which to flow

the sunlight in which to greet

the air in which to breathe.

Reaching the discovery

that when we enter into this daily movement

we find the treasures of living.

and the wellsprings of life

Happiness blossoms,

love radiates

and peacefulness takes root

in the water’s lily.

The gardens of life await our awareness

welcoming our willingness

to participate and live

within this swirling wisdom,

hoping that we are capable

of  living out of

and within this

deeply profound

and  dignified


Written by LaBelle Sophie

Photography by LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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