When words become weapons

and blame becomes truth.

When anger spills forth

with righteous indignation.

When untouchable loftiness

becomes right and reason wrong.

When imagination is pushed aside,

then, dignity goes underground

and integrity splinters open like a seedpod.

With coolness and place opening

to sprout new seeds

from finished, but not forgotten, sprouts.

Life a never-ending series

of beautiful, quiet flow forms.

that wash away the bitterness of emotions approaching.

Turning streams into ponds

as places of reflection and refreshment.

Life is a flow form, a never-ending blossoming of colour

and fragrance of living….arising from the cool soil and soul

Where quietness outlives the cacophony of sounds and turmoils

unveiling memories and inspirations ready to emerge.

Quietness and quickening of life

within the womb of worlds,

the soil of souls,

the flowing of the waters of life

within the crevices of time.

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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