In the Sanctuary of Time

Moving through life

and moving through time

compels each other to be real.

real time, real life

living time, living life, living light

authentically and gently

simply and deeply

The sanctuary of time beckons us to move quietly with profound awakeness.

It opens a space within the soul that knows other rooms of inner beauty,

inner dwellings and homefulness,

interior castles of creative renewal,

thriving hearths of relationships and passionate loving.

The sanctuary of time opens a third space and place called

the sanctuary of living wisdom

a place full of breath and air and light and white and weathered wisdom

a place where the rosebud, turned rose blossom is forming its rose hips….

ripened seeds for the future and for cups of tea.

Sophia’s sanctuary is a lovely nature-filled, presence,

that simply runs through the veins of that which is living

asking nothing but awareness, wakefulness and willingness

to learn how to nurture and keep it all going….

Life, that is, that wonderful thing called life…

Something that is meant to be shared, birthed, created, lived within and out of,

honoured, heralded, enjoyed, and cared for…..wisely.

A lovely thought to imagine that we could all be living

within and out of  a living wisdom

every day of our lives, one breath at a time.

Living in life,

Living in the light,

Living in wisdom…..

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie Shouldice

Photographs by Shabby Chic Mania

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