A Space and Place Called Environment

It is an interesting time for me…a time of emergence,

not re-emerging, but newly emerging.

My life is always in threes.  I speak in threes, see in threes and live in threes.

Jill Ann, Jill RoseMary and now Jill LaBelle Sophie

And within each experience there is a place and space I call environment.

Opened and created out of experiences, substances and essences of life,

of that which is living.

A quintessential moment sealing the knowledge that my life unfolds

in the opening, holding and creating of environments

all of which will never end.

It is my work, my love, my passion.

When one opens environments, there is space to enter in, to live, and to enjoy.

The imagination facilitates the setting from castle, to meadow,

to home and hearth and sanctuary.

Breathing in the air…

Sensing the place and space available…..

Quietly lifting the veil of separation….

And then entering in to begin creating, like an artist,

with tools to weave, to paint, to sculpt,

Yet, within,

one becomes attuned to

breath and air,

 light and movement,

colour and fragrance,

 space and depth

and eternity’s cosmological presence

within the fields and meadows of the stars

and the spring flowers unfolding.

Environments created

arising out of the heritage of beauty and the presence of dignity

joyfulness with laughter and happiness

unveiling and unfolding while uplifting matter

 into mystery centres of wisdom

and magic carpets of sight

opening gardens of peaceful tea times

of conversation and picnics.

Inside the newest of living seeds is burgeoning and bursting lifelets…..

slowly and silently splitting open a new cycle of life and living

revealing a new impulse fresh and vibrant

coming to life inside and soon to be outside,

asking of me to begin opening anew a living environment

to receive this new life of imagination, inspiration and intuition.

I emerge Jill LaBelle Sophie Shouldice

with giggle and glee and pure delight….

I plan nothing, I move within it all, becoming what is asked of me as I encounter all of life

altered, yet pure

sweet and delicate

this time, this place, this process.

Is it defining itself….

no, it has no clear definition for it lives not in the high definition world.

Is it living and relevant…..

yes it lives in the revelation and purpose of itself.

Is there indication of what will bloom from this ever sprouting new seed of inspiration…..

some lovely sensings and perceptions.

And now?

And now I shall do what I know how to do…..

hold it tenderly within my opened heart,

mindfully perceive and think with each breath,

and willingly move forward in the process of life

as it continues to unfold, unfurl, emerge and delight…..

This has always been my invisible, yet worthy “work” in the world…..

to uphold life and that which is living

to radiate the gift of love in its mysterious garments of presence

to give great consideration out of empathy,

compassion and the delightful art of accompaniment

and…. to willingly create a life, each and every day,

with others and those I love

out of beauty, dignity

and the wellsprings of peace and living wisdom.

I have opened personal and world homes of inner beauty,

personal and world hearths of thriving relationships,

and now, I will find the ways in which to hold open and create, life-sustaining

personal and world sanctuaries of living wisdom.

weathered-white, yet essentially alive….

This is my true and earnest, heartfelt striving and newly emerging way of living.

How and where….remains to be seen.

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Photos from Shabby Chic Mania

Welcoming your thoughts....

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