i was thinking on my run this morning, how important it is that we claim what is ours to claim with happiness, like our health and how we eat. i can’t help but think it is just better to eat light right now with so little movement.

i also think peace of mind is essential to deal with anything we meet in life. to visit our minds and learn to tap into its resources is essential.

to visit the interiors of one’s self, one’s heart, soul, and sense of spirit, is tending to the wellsprings of our being human; no matter what situation we are in.

moving forward, even moving our bodies in place, is contributing to the change that is unfolding in the world. we are all contributing through our thoughts, emotions, and our willingness to participate together, each in our own unique way.

it’s good to be aware and make informed decisions, knowing how we speak and listen to each other, is so very essential…often we can see so clearly when life becomes more simple. conversations and communication is such a gift.

there’s an opening in this moment, as we step out of one life and into another. imagine learning new languages, taking free on-line educational classes, dancing classes, art classes, as a wonderful way to begin creating a new life. because that’s what i realize, we are not waiting to return. we are not making lists of all the things we need to accomplish when this is over, because what we are doing is going through something larger than each of us.  it feels like a fine tooth comb gently moving through the fibers of humanity’s presence, loosening the excess, asking us to notice and make space for everyone and everything flowing by us, around us,….just in time, to watch, stop and reflect.

from one perspective, i know people say we are in this for a long time. i know we can speak about all the uncertainties, the downfalls, the mistakes, the pain, and all that has and still is going wrong.

It’s not that i’m an optimist, per se, but i am someone who innately experiences a never-ending flow and presence of life amidst what i call a living wisdom. and i think it’s an incredible opportunity we each have, as individuals, families, communities, goverments and countries, to stop and take a look around. notice what has been happening in the world and what is now happening in the world as we start living from the inside out of our selves, our homes, our families.

can we tap into that perception? can we tap into our inner wellsprings on so many levels….but most of all, can we each imagine what it would look like to begin to create a life together we all want to live, sharing, not destroying for personal, monetary and political gains. 

everything clearly has its place and function, and the wheel goes round and round, yet we see the beauty in all of us helping each other, all of us pitching in, all of us sharing and discovering there is so much to share and give.

I think we all have a moment to discern, what kind of life we want to create from here on in, for ourselves and with others. To create a life, consciously and conscientiously, by considering the whole of the earth, the whole of humanity, our families, our well being, our food sources and choices, the health of the earth and each other, what world and personal conversations need to take place for a deeper understanding on how to move forward together, in peace, upholding hope and beauty, really, really matters.

There is always a war language that comes into chaos and crisis. I would like, instead, to encourage a peace and love, a joy and happiness, a light and inner beauty language to begin to be spoken.  A new language of peace for a new unfolding world culture of peace, replacing the outdated words of rule, overthrow, money/greed and control.

i think in this breadth of time, we can take the small seeds of awakening, plant them in the earth, tend them in our hearts, and see what life can unfold for all of us out of a starting point of fostering relationships on behalf of world peace, inner beauty, respect for the earth’s living wisdom,body and health, love for the family of humanity as mothers and fathers, children and grandparents. 

it would be lovely if we could not see everything as material resources that are owned by the highest bidder.  it would be wonderful if country lines just defined fascinating geographies that called each of us to be stewards to that land, for the earth’s sake and everyone’s well-being, instead of for political gains.

We have the opportunity to change the dialogues, on every level, into light-filled, conscientious awareness that works together just as we have been doing during this virus.

It is our responsibility as a family of humanity, in this miraculous moment, to take notice who has no capacity to care or share for the health of others or for each other as living human beings. Just notice how that looks.

Then notice all the amazing, courageous and selfless human beings who continue to light the beacons each night, hold that higher common purpose in so many very large and very small ways.  I find myself constantly closing my eyes, with hand to heart, sending out thanks and feeling immense gratitude, that this incredible moment of unconditional love, for many, can be seen and enacted on the world stage.

it is so time, i think, for all of us to make a conscious and active choice to keep caring, keep tending this incredible life, keep determining who we want to be in the leading roles, that no longer control a population, but, instead, listens to the new people’s voices who want to work and live together in peace and generosity, creating a new daily culture that doesn’t divide, but unites us as a We, in the creations, inwardly and outwardly of our human homes, our hearths of relationships and our sanctuaries of loving kindness and peace.

we, the people of the world, and we, the mothers, fathers, children and grandparents of the world, and maybe, just me, jillian rosemary labelle sophie, wants peace.  i want love and goodwill.  i want the earth to be well and healthy and no longer seen as a resource to be used and not cared for.  i want genuine interest to unite us in friendships and relationships in our neighbourhoods around the world.  i want health, not wealth.  i want cooperation, not competition. and we’ve seen it, with our own eyes….all of it.

i sit each night holding open the space where love and light, living wisdom, beauty and peace can grow in the Earth’s gardens.  I send out my very best wishes for everyone to be well, to be healthy and joy filled.  I wish everyone happiness and safety.  And most of all, i wish everyone to conceive a world of love, birth it, nurture it, create out of it, live it, honour it, share it and radiate it from your innermost depths so it becomes a presence in each one of us, illuminating all the light we cannot see.



written by jill rosemary labelle sophie

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