On The Wings of Song

during my run this morning, i had so many experiences. the first was bringing along a question i awoke with this morning: why do i write? i love questions and i loved hearing myself answer my own question as my feet kept planting themselves one in front of the another.


i write for several reasons. writing is a composition for me, similar, I suppose to writing music. I hear things in my mind and see things with my heart and find a way to put it down on paper. it is also a time to find the words for things i experience or see as pictures, and search, literally search, for the words to describe them; and then, like singing, i express them and myself.
i often feel my writing is more melodic and song-like, then a line of inquiry. yet, i am full of curiosity and inquiry. so i say, i love to follow my spiral of inquiry. inside of me, i live in a wide world of imagination. maybe it’s in my cells, imprinted from the starry constellations, i came in with. or maybe its just the light we all have within us, full of memories and stories and insights. often i feel the “sisters of sophia” (something i was exploring in my last blog post) are actually and simply the presence of imagination, inspiration and intuition, i delight in. when you search for words and expressions, often they become forms. how could i not long to be in the presence of these soulful dispositions in all of us. such treasures. 
of course i want to open and share
the worlds of imagination, inspiration and intuition together….
that for me is heaven.
i have always been an avid explorer in these realms, climbing the mountains of adventure, spreading my wings of expansive in-sights, and most recently finding myself moving through the speed of light when trauma was beyond my heart’s containment. i love to write to share life, to share experiences, to feel the world and it’s mysteries. my inner and outer disposition has always been feeling deeply that we are all in this world together, whether it’s like a flock of birds who soar and flow together on the currents of wind, or whether it’s the feeling that we are all enjoying one big pajama party together each night, it is my starting disposition that we are creating this life together, composing it, sharing it, expressing it, living it, each in our own unique way.
how could i not wish to imagine a circle of worldwide friends
who want to create and voluntarily share a new world culture
where these are the things that matter….
out of freedom and love of life.
and then i remembered i wrote a poem, in 2001,
i’m searching for……..found it.
i write, i create, i garden, i photograph, i cook, i dance, i sing
because i am a devoted, love-filled, & participatory human being.
On The Wings of Song
What have I to offer this world. . .
like Beethoven. . .
Symphonies of soul?
My hearing, too, lessening
to the cacophony of sound around me.
How can I offer my love to this world
thick with forgetfulness?
How can I touch upon the hearts of young and old,
amidst the sorrow and suffering
in the outer life of existence,
with the flame of love
and enthusiasm of soul and spirit
without form or instrument to sing through?
To sing through. . .
My voice gently longing to carry the word.
My pencil conducting.
The composition appearing and reappearing in full blossom
on the wings of breath
on the wings of song. . .
Safely opening the colour-filled windows of the soul 
Through the hallowed halls of time
Revealing the radiance of creation.
photos and writing by
jillian rosemary labelle sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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